Korg Taktile Control with Added Triton -Dancefair 2014

With or without, you choose   18-Feb-14

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We saw the new Korg taktile MIDI controllers at NAMM just a few weeks ago. They come in 25 key 8 pad and 49 key 16 pad versions. Both models feature the same keybed as the King Korg (nice synth action), plus miniKP2 X/Y and ribbon pads.

You also get a OLED display for programming, as well as 8 channels of fader/mute/solo and transport control.

In addition there's a Triton edition of each which contains an 512 program Triton synthesizer engine, giving you a built in sound source. You get up to 80 voices to play, although sadly only across one sound, its not multi-timbral. Audio out is on stereo minijack.

Available end of March in the UK

Many thanks to Eric from ChampsOriginalTrend.com for filming and editing.

Triton Taktile 25  £279

Triton Taktile 49 £359


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Leslie    Said...

Controller key bed at this price point without after touch?!!! And why all the connectors are on the side?! No thanx...

19-Feb-14 03:54 AM


And you cannot edit a Triton patch and save it to be used later - it just resets. Dumb dumb dumb for studio or stage. What are they thinking? I'd rather get a controller with aftertouch (like the new Akai 61) and add my own KAOS pad.

21-Feb-14 06:24 PM

Filtersweep    Said...

Do we not expect some sort of editor or patch recall from the control software that installs with the driver or whatever? It's mainly a controller, so intended to be connected to DAW, no? So I'm not so surprised it can't save edited patches internally. This thing is made to be connected to a laptop.

25-Feb-14 08:17 PM

Woo    Said...

@Filtersweep, from the docs and scuttlebutt online you apparently cannot tweak Triton settings and recall them from your laptop. (I'd like to be wrong about that.) Makes the Triton sounds useless if you want to use anything live but stock sounds.

Aside from that, I agree with Leslie, no aftertouch? wtf. At There are so many other choices that have it - Akai, Novation, etc. This move by Korg is baffling. I guess their best minds wereput on analog projects.

26-Feb-14 05:20 PM

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