Podcast: Sonic TALK 350 - $25k To Spend On Gear

Which EQ, Titan Maximizer, Bass   06-Mar-14

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67:41 mins


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We start with an enjoyable excercise in virtual shopping - what would you spend $25k on in the studio? Then we discuss perferred EQ in hardware and software - Rich explains what dynamic EQ does. Then the Titan Maximizer for Propellerheads Rack Extension sparks a discussion on do it all mixing plugins.
Finally Gaz plays us out with his White Flame composition for Bass created for a specific acoustic space.
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KingVidiot    Said...

Amazing piece, Gaz. As a fan of classical and electronic music (as well as tech) it was a real feast for the ears. I should try something similar. My Casio PG-380 MIDI guitar does a pretty good job of tracking, and it's a decent guitar as well. You should send the MIDI to your OP-1 as well for layering. :-)

13-Mar-14 08:47 PM

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