MESSE 2014: TC Plans Powered Plug-Ins

TC Electronic announces development plans for Universal Audio's UAD platform   12-Mar-14

MESSE 2014: TC Plans Powered Plug-Ins

TC Electronic has announced future development of its legendary audio tools for Universal Audio's acclaimed UAD Powered Plug-Ins Platform at the show.

Thomas Valter, VP of Business Management, Broadcast & Production, told us, "Our audio signal processing has been regarded as world-leading for decades whether in the form of hardware or software. We are very excited to able to offer genuine TC Electronic processing to users of the UAD platform. Our effect processing tools have been in heavy demand for some time in a plug-in format, and we feel that now is time to take this significant next step for our plug-ins portfolio."

"We're pleased to add TC Electronic to our growing list of Direct Developers for UAD-2," says Bill Putnam Jr., CEO and Founder of Universal Audio. "Their decades-long commitment to high quality and innovation with their effects line will give our customers more choices for their music projects."

The companies have agreed on a partnership, but release dates, prices other product-specific details are to be announced at a later time.

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Simon    Said...

Unforunately I have no confidence in TC nowadays. I used to be a fan and have had 2 Konnekt AI's and the Powercore. Managed to get rid of the Powercore for about 5% what I paid for it but currently stuck with a £1000 Konnekt 48 that doesn't work properly on current OS. No chance of me buying more of their stuff only for it to not be supported on next UAD/OS update.

12-Mar-14 05:25 AM

robbiemacman    Said...

As a long time user of power core right from the start & also their international presenter for the platform for many years I am very pleased. There are some tools on the power core platform derived from the System 6000 that simply are not available elsewhere. The alliance of UA & TC will hopefully bring back those much revered tools in a platform that is obviously a very safe one to put your money into…

12-Mar-14 05:34 AM

TC User    Said...

TC's System 6000 tools are excellent. I still rank their MD4 above all other similar digital tools.

My concern is TC are looking to the past by locking their plugins to a DSP card. My next computer upgrade will be a 12 core Xeon system. Why is TC severely limiting the instances I can run by locking things to a UAD dongle?

Things are not moving in that direction TC, and that's only going to be exacerbated with the move towards Thunderbolt.

I don't think many are going to invest in a Magma chasis or chaining multiple Thunderbolt devices just to up their plugin count, especially when they've just spent a load of money on a 12 core system which can do that job just fine (and 18 core Xeon CPU's are coming in 2015). Even more surprised TC would support a platform which provides worse latency than their own Powercore platform did.

Btw, I think many of the UAD plugins are also excellent. I just think, in 2014, the time of the DSP card has passed and there are better piracy solutions - ones which don't revolve around expensive cards running cheap DSP chips.

12-Mar-14 08:56 AM

Top Cat    Said...

Agree with comments above. Ethe move to UAD reveals TC electronic's in ability to move with the times - they still think dedicated DSP is the only environment worthy of their algorithms.

TC electronics- wake up! It' the 21st century - not 1995. Make yor full suite of algorithms available in popular plugin formats - otherwise - nobody is going to but them.

UAD may seem strong now - but there's ultimately no future in dedicated DSP as long as Intel and co need to develop more powerful processors.

12-Mar-14 10:07 AM

Modern3    Said...

"Top Cat" I am not you realising what you are saying. Most of DSP Engineers would beg to differ. Dedicated DSP is by far superior to host systems.

12-Mar-14 01:58 PM

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