MESSE 2014: Vox Univibe

New version of this classic effect   13-Mar-14

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I was dashing through Hall 3.0... the lair of the drums, a place of myth and legend and elevated decibels normally only traversed during sunlight hours with a trusted guide, noble horse and  a backup SWAT team... when my eye was caught by a shiny trinket in a crystal cabinet.

Ok, it was a guitar pedal in a display case, but hey let me run with it, ok ;-]

Anyway, this particular legend goes that the original inventor of the Univibe has forged  it  once more for the modern age, and it takes form in metal and many sliders... and many pieces of silver it doth cost too, if truth be told - 499 of your earthly euros, in fact.


Better be bloody epic for that price, then!

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Dastardly    Said... do you know that it sounds fantastic if you just spotted it while you were passing - and it's hidden away on a top shelf in a locked box? Suspicious...

13-Mar-14 12:23 PM

GNeuman    Said...

Pointless review, bit like listening to someone describing how good a pint of real ale tastes..

Besides, order a Vibe Machine from DryBell in Creotia, that's the real deal.

14-Mar-14 03:03 AM

EMwhite    Said...

Is it 100% analog! designed with identical voicing of the original! hand built with all through hole, maintainable, a 5 year warranty in a bomb proof enclosure and hand delivered by Jimi Hendrix himself? Then it's worth it.

14-Mar-14 11:59 AM

William Shaver    Said...

You guys are hilarious.

It never ceases to amaze me how incredibly bad some product presentations (and presenters) are. Come to think of it though, this guy was pretty good and he didn't even have a working product! And why the hell did they put it on the top shelf.

15-Mar-14 06:28 PM

FireBrady    Said...

"Dastardly Said... do you know that it sounds fantastic if you just spotted it while you were passing" Duh! because they had daily live demos at Messe for this product.

20-Mar-14 05:33 AM

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