MESSE 2014: Electro Harmonix Overdrive goodness VIDEO

9 new overdrives from Electro Harmonix   18-Mar-14

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Electro Harmonix never fail to disappoint and this year is no exception. With 9 new overdrives, a new polyphonic pitch shifter (Slammi) and the Holy Grail Max they've kept their eyes on the ball. Felipe gives us a run down and shows how versatile these pedals can be.


Pricing (USD):


  • EHX Tortion  $238 - Available mid March
  • Slammi  $190
  • East River Drive  $77
  • Hot Tubes  $77
  • Lumberjack $77 - Available late January
  • Nano Big Muff  $93
  • OD Glove $77
  • Satisfaction Fuzz $69
  • Soul Food $83
  • Holy Grail Max $214 - Available late January


More info, check the Electro Harmonix website

Rob H

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Morgan    Said...

"Electro Harmonix never fail to disappoint and this year is no exception"

Read over that again slowly...

22-Mar-14 10:43 PM

Fritz    Said...

Is there hidden meaning in that lead line?

Are the new pedals a wash?


23-May-14 08:53 AM

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