MESSE 2014: Grossmann Isolation Cab

-40dB sound reduction!   18-Mar-14

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Stephan took us through a quick look at his isolation cabinet for 'the guitarist who doesn't want to disturb his neighbours' us then...

With just the cabinet you get a 30dB reduction in noise and if you put the same cab inside a flight case you get a 40dB reduction, in all honesty, I didn't realise there was anything playing in the flight case; it was only when I put my hand on it that I realised it was doing something!

Rob H

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Bmeister    Said...

no video

18-Mar-14 11:58 AM

anonymous coward    Said...

the youtube video says that there is already a video with the same name. the quicktime video says that there is no video. the ios/mp4 version is working alright.

19-Mar-14 01:38 PM

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