MESSE 2014: Sonoma Wireworks - GuitarJack Stage

A stage-ready upgrade to Guitar Jack   21-Mar-14

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You might be aware of the high quality yet teeny tiny Sonoma Wireworks Guitar Jack audio IO devices for iOS/usb devices... well, it looks like there's something in the water out Sonoma way, as their latest offering has bulked up somewhat ;-]

Just as well too, as the new Guitar Jack Stage is designed for the rigours of...err... on-stage use, so it's gonna get a bit of foot-booting. Looks like it can handle it though.

It's a pedal controller and audio interface, compatible with Mac, Windows and iOS - device powered, but if you do plug it in, it'll charge your iPhone/iPad.

Should be appearing in a couple of months with a street price of $299.

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