Teenage Engineering OP-1 OS Adds Sketch Sequencer and DSynth

Intriguing new etch-a-sketch style UI   25-Mar-14

You can't fault the team at Teenage Engineering for their support of the enigmatic OP-1. Interest still seems to be high for this quirky Scanadavian instrument, it still gets a lot of attention - the review we published a couple of years ago still regularly features in our top Youtube stats even now.

Theres a new OS update just out which adds the Sketch sequencer to the toolbox - in addition to the step sequencer, audio recorder and selection of  machines and effects.

The two major new features in this free OS update (V.14167)

Sketch - Organic hand-drawn sequencing, free shape sequencer, with no limits to pitch or quantisation.
Draw your sequences using the encoders, listen, and then shake it to erase it. Very Etch-a-Sketch!

DSynth - Multi envelope dual oscillator synth
The DSynth features an interface with dual oscillators, multi crossfadable synthesis methods, attack / decay / filter controls and a nice waveform visualizer.

Available now as a free download


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QHnS6    Said...

It's robust, it's portable, it has a 16 hour battery life, 2 samplers, multiple synths and features both creative and controlled sequencing options.

It also sends and receives midi clock and CC; all wrapped in a lovingly designed, distinctly Swedish wrapper.

Heck I almost forgot to mention the gorgeous OLED display and intuitive, artfully represented GUI...

... And yet it's so often maligned as an overpriced toy for hipsters.

I paid £600 for mine - new (so half a machine-drum then) and if you're serious about music and production, let's face it - £600 is comparatively cheap! Not to mention that there's no existing product to actually compare it to.

I for one regret nothing. Not once have I suffered from the usual buyer's remorse; and I continually find myself amazed and inspired by that wonderful little device.

Come on skeptics, you know nothing else fits the bill - OP-1 forever!

(or at least until the OLED ultimately dies)

12-Apr-14 12:55 PM

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