Podcast: Sonic TALK 353 - The Fool?

Earhoof, 8-hour modular synth jam   02-Apr-14

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71:11 mins


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We talk April Fools, which 303 is best, best recent technology acquisition, Earhoof app for iOS, Billy Corgan's 8hr synth jam and various other avenues of conversation.



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lamont    Said...

MP3 link not working atm, Nick.

02-Apr-14 10:31 PM

Leslie    Said...

Excellent as always... Very prolific with Sonic Talk, but what happened to Sonic Touch..?!

03-Apr-14 12:52 AM

Nick B    Said...

Funny you should ask, recorded a couple of those today.

03-Apr-14 11:38 AM

Peter K    Said...

There was an interesting feature of the Nord G2 series. Users came up with these generative patches they'd call noodles. Some of them were really beautiful and enjoyable to listen to. I miss my G2's. Reminds me of what you were talking about with Billy Corgan's music, and the generative iPad thing that Gaz mentioned. Is there a link for that program, Gaz??

03-Apr-14 01:20 PM

Blake    Said...

The last thing I bought that has been inspirational is Rob Papen's Blue II. I love the sound and FM synthesis. The Elektron Analog 4 is another one that I seem to put to tracks lately.

Good Times.

03-Apr-14 09:32 PM

Ben    Said...

http://www.clavia.se/nordmodular/Modularzone/ is also a great zone explaining some more advanced modular techniques.

04-Apr-14 08:47 AM

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