Apple Considering Android iTunes Amongst Other Options

iTunes Store overhaul due - to combat falling sales   09-Apr-14

Apple Considering Android iTunes Amongst Other Options

The vehicles for music sales are of concern to us all. As consumers we want an easy way to discover and buy new music, as creators we want the best way to reach our audience. In response to falling digital sales, Apple is condiering a number of dramatic changes according to a report featured on

Aside from a major overhaul of the iTunes experience, lord knows its way overdue, the mess of Apps and music via the congested iTunes interface is long overdue surely, even the possibility of an Android version of iTunes may be on the cards. All this is not about to happen immediatey though we're talking 3-5 years which might just be a little too long for many.

iTunes Radio has not had the impact that was hoped for, which means the new world of streaming has perhaps not found the right format for consumers. As we are often reminded through earnings reports for various services, they do not offer much of an enticing option for the acts who are featured on it.

Seems to me that feedback from people such as us dear readers might be a good place to start, so as users and providers of music for the iTunes experience, what are your suggestions for improvements?


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The Guvnor    Said...

How about the ability to span multiple drives for audio/video data. Right now I have to use a separate application to do that. They can get pretty filled up with a lot of video data.

Also, some support for FLAC & other high def formats.

And while they are at it, some way of upgrading from SD to HD versions instead of having to buy the thing twice.

09-Apr-14 05:29 PM

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