Podcast: Sonic TALK 354 - Windows In Your MPC

Embedded 8.1, Imitone mind to pitch, Dr Bòhm   10-Apr-14

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72:12 mins


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We start with the welcome return of one of our longest appearing guests - PJ Tracy from Minneapolis - yay! We talk about the sighting of an MPC with Windows embedded, Dr Böhm - the German Linn Drum, Imitone - a new voice to MIDI plugin. And we talk a little Leap Motion with BT's new MUSE application.


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selercs    Said...

Nice to see these peeps on here...btw I love GFORCE software.

Sorry Microsoft, too late...You never supported creativity. You were all for business. Stick to your guns. Apple FTW.

10-Apr-14 08:07 AM

Tribrix    Said...

The Win/tel world has been courting musicians for 2 decades or more (my first music computer was a 386 and worked great for what it was).

And we've had devices that were essentially computers dressed up as musical instruments before (unless I'm mistaken the OP-1 is an example of this).

That said, I have no issues with an Akia MPC running a windows based OS, so long as we can't use it to check email or Facebook, we have enough distractions with our phones as it is.

And I would LOVE to have a G-Force hardware device . . . maybe that's a kickstarter campaign right there. I hardware unit that supports AU/VST without a laptop (kind of like the new Aira Keyboard does).

10-Apr-14 12:43 PM

Dr. Böhm    Said...

I remember the Dr. Böhm drummachine very well. It was priced at the time around 1300-pounds sterling. This is converted back from Dutch guilders (3500) in 1983.

The machine was made by a German Organ manufacturer who sold their organs as kits. I remember that this drummachine was also available in kit from.

There's a section on the machine that's reserved for an accompaniment expansion. This would have been along the lines of their home organ products.

The machine is pretty limited and a lot of corners were cut to keep the price down. It's got individual outputs, but only for groups of sounds, not for individual sounds, very odd. The sounds themselves also seem to sound truncated. The timing correction on the machine also seems to produce some noise artefacts and high pitched tones.

It was indeed a poor man's Linndrum, due to the unfavourable exchange rates between the US$ and Deutschmark. Another spanner in the works for the Dr. Böhm was the arrival of the Drumulator, which was similarly priced.

10-Apr-14 01:02 PM

Chris    Said...

Nick - you can find Dr. Bohm Digital Drums on Polish e-bay clone - http://allegro.pl/perkusja-dr-bohm-digital-drum-jak-roland-i4121219630.html

It's something about 300 GBP.

10-Apr-14 04:10 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

The definition of an OS is the platform on which other software applications run, so the MPC Windows thing is no different in definition to the firmware you have now in multitudes of devices. The only advantage you get here is a common platform with the same libraries and I/O. That in itself can be a cost saver and development saver for for manufacturers however it can also stifle innovation.

10-Apr-14 08:06 PM

moss    Said...

The MP3 link points to last week...

11-Apr-14 01:44 AM

Chris    Said...

Windows8... Are you kidding? Now, you can take your crashes with you... WOW... Hello Akai... wake up....

11-Apr-14 08:09 PM

john Miller aka E. Scarab    Said...

Wow, for over a year now I keep meaning to write and ask if you had heard from PJ! It is nice to have Hans around again and I keep wondering what happened to PJ? Great to see him doing well. I miss his complement to everyone else. I wonder how the germanium preamp has worked for him. Also Nick, don't know if you remember, but a few years ago I wrote you after losing the ability to play drums 12 years ago and how your podcast had both entertained me and been an informational asset as I started relearning keyboards and working with loops, samples and digital recording as a replacement for the drums.I now have a small but decently equipped home studio, I do acoustic testing analysis and design and install treatments. But the best news is, after 12 years the nerves in my wrist have finally healed and although it doesn't bend I started playing the drums again a year ago this month!!! And the amazing thing is what I can do even with the wrist situation. There is far less that I can't do than I can and I keep improving. Dave, for you i would say it has been amazing how my brain figures out how to fool my hand and fingers into doing things they shouldn't be able to do...I feel lie I got my soul back. Any way guys, the show has been inspirational and educational and keep up the good work! Hope you can get PJ back a little more often. He and his insights were missed!

11-Apr-14 10:22 PM

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