New Moog: Werkstatt Analog Synthesizer

Moog's answer to the new breed of affordable analogs?   20-Apr-14

New Moog: Werkstatt Analog Synthesizer

Moogfest have released this sneak peak image of a new analog synth from Moog, the Werkstatt. From the image we can deduce that this is simple single voice mono synth, with some interesting features; note the breakout patch bay on the right-hand side, PWM and a neat little button keyboard.

Although at first look this does seem like Moogs answer to the Volcas, Microbrute and now Akai's Rhythm Wolf, I wouldnt get your hopes up too soon as one of the ticket packages for Moogfest is the VIP Engineers Package. This includes two 3-hour synth building workshops with Moog engineers, where you will have the opportunity to build, modify and take home an unreleased Moog synth. We can also see from the image that the synth also says Moogfest 2014 on it!

All of this leads very obviously to my conclusion that this is not going to hit production, however more new synths is always a good thing, even if they are in the hands of a lucky few... I could be completely wrong, could this be a release in kit form? Or a dirt cheap analog?


Edd Butterworth

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basic wave form    Said...

It looks crap and the moog name seems to have lost its value. Hype, hype, hype.

20-Apr-14 12:32 PM

dATSK    Said...

I don't have any VCOs to speak of, so a neatly packaged, cheap VCO from MOOG would no doubt leap to the top of my shopping list.

Heck, it almost seems like a MOOG X0XB0X!

As for Moog losing it's value; despite a slightly confused catalog of products, I reckon Amos is doing a great job.

All companies have to move with the times and cater to the demands of the market.

20-Apr-14 12:57 PM

Benedict J    Said...

Hated those knobs on the Monotron and I shall hate them on here

20-Apr-14 01:31 PM

AndyB    Said...

It's got audio in. If it's a genuine Moog ladder filter, it'd make a nice little processing box.

20-Apr-14 01:43 PM

Goku    Said...

To the guy who wants a cheap, standalone Moog VCO: it exists. It's called the Moog Freqbox.

20-Apr-14 06:00 PM

RF    Said...

As far as Moog loosing it's value, I suppose that's in the eye of the beholder. Those of us who grew up on Moog Modulars, and are now fortunate enough to own a Moog now, would feel differently. It's easy to diss something you can only afford in your dreams.

20-Apr-14 06:21 PM

Robert    Said...

Hey, they copied the Tinysizer´s patchbay!

20-Apr-14 06:21 PM

The Gunor    Said...

One of the treats for MoogFest VIP Engineer ticket purchasers is :

"Two x 3-hour synth building workshops with the Moog engineers where you will have the opportunity to build, modify, and take home your unreleased Moog synthesizer."

I wonder if this is that synth... the ticket goes for $1000.

20-Apr-14 08:06 PM

Mark    Said...

If its a kit, I would be over the moon. It will be very cheap!I love assembling kits...

For what it is, the moog sub phatty really isn't that expensive? Why do people whine?

Korg volca is a simple, Chinese manufactured, mass produced and memory less synth.

Moog sub patty is an American made, two vco, quality, complex synth with memory. Ofc one is going to cost more than the other. Derrr.

20-Apr-14 10:15 PM

Synthetek    Said...

Theres a picture of circuit board up too

21-Apr-14 12:41 AM


I dig it!!! I would love this thing in my studio rig- Heck, I would love this on my coffee table! If it ends up sounding silly, at least it would make a KILLER conversation piece... Oh yeah, it's a Moog (as long as it has that ladder filter)- It won't sound silly. Thank you Moog. Thank you Sonic State!

21-Apr-14 10:37 AM

GTRman    Said...

Moog is the most respectable synth manufacturer out there. I can not see them putting out this type of synth. There must be something missing that we have not seen yet. Maybe it connects to that patch bay on the right.

21-Apr-14 11:35 AM

Synth_Fan    Said...

This is raw, unadulterated commercialism in its worst form.

Moog - please - no!

We can see through it, and bob Moog will be turning in his grave.

Cheap, tacky, condescending.

Ba, BAD move Moog

21-Apr-14 01:16 PM


Werkstatt means workshop in german (why they chose this title?), so this is surely what folks will be building and taking home from Moogfest. Is this worth the same price as a SubPhatty? hmmm...

21-Apr-14 05:03 PM

lightman    Said...

I don't see a problem if Moog would release a basic synth element like that with everything needed to hop right into subtractive synthesis, analog sound creation and even a bit of semi-modularity.

The knobs are where the similarities between a Monotron an this Moog synth begin and end, it seems to bring way more to the table than Korg's offering, including a metal case and a patchbay.

I like the concept of simple but effective sound building blocks like that, they fuel my imagination and creativity.

22-Apr-14 03:31 PM

TheMiner    Said...

"Synth_Fan Said...

This is raw, unadulterated commercialism in its worst form.

Moog - please - no!

We can see through it, and bob Moog will be turning in his grave.

Cheap, tacky, condescending.

Ba, BAD move Moog"

*cough* theremin *cough*

23-Apr-14 06:13 AM

basic wave form    Said...

I have owned moogs .I can afford equipment.The voyager was the shittiest synth I have ever bought. Bob Moog is spinning so much in his grave bambata gave him some lino for his graveside body popping. You are lame to criticise people over economics when we may well be very well off.I love post Bob moogs Moog fan boys.Drexiyan bathers you are not.Moog a name bled dry of meaning.

23-Apr-14 04:15 PM

Moog sucks    Said...

co-curated by some of the most important thinkers of today.!! this is a line from the MOOGfest advertising. What an absurd and deluded sentence. Wars going on, poverty , Israels filthy war against Arabs, etc and all the 'important thinkers are at moog fest . What an absurd laugh. moog staff really are loosing it Or did they really invite Finkelstein?

23-Apr-14 06:40 PM

Goodness me    Said...

Perhaps Moog is doing what every other business in the world is doing right now- and that is- doing business. I don't know where Moog would be if anyone who has commented so far on this post was running it.

I did have to laugh when I read that the voyager is the worst synth that someone had ever bought... I want to see this guys studio. What an outrageous thing to say. However, I am indeed grateful for a place where we can come together and say such silly things. Thank you Sonic State.

24-Apr-14 12:02 AM

gridsleep    Said...

For good or ill, Werkstatt does sound like a Monotron.

24-Apr-14 05:23 AM

Bob    Said...

"The voyager was the shittiest synth I have ever bought."

This comment just screams asshole for so many reasons.

25-Apr-14 09:25 AM

Juno    Said...

Haha… some of these comments are hilarious…. Firstly ANYONE that thinks that the Voyager is the worse synth he's ever bought is talking utter SHITE from the outset… Just because you can afford gear doesn't mean you can USE it….It's not perfect but I have a RME and an XL and believe me you know NOTHING about synthesis if you think they're crap…

Also… I can't believe that the Werkstatt is getting SO much attention…. the most basic synth they've ever made, that won't go into production and honestly doesn't sound THAT special.. getting all of this coverage?? Mystifies me….. As Nick said.. they will probably be going for ridiculous second hand prices in years to come JUST because of the hype…. RARE DOESN'T MEAN GOOD!!! (besides 125 isn't THAT rare!)

26-Apr-14 04:46 AM

EntitledC*nts    Said...

Y'all sound like; "Waaaa, Moog made a synth I don't like waaaaa."

28-Apr-14 08:16 AM

NightShift    Said...

Not to mention that everyone I talked to who attended Moogfest and built this thing had an absolute BLAST in the process. Ain't nobody got time to build a damn Voyager by themselves so this def gets a thumbs up in my book. Not to mention that yes there will always be people hating on this kind of thing but no such thing as bad publicity and more importantly, the thumbs seem to be leaning more towards up than down.

02-May-14 04:17 PM

MR. PETE    Said...

Werkstatt's great! ... VIP engineer pass was easily worth the ticket price ~ everybody else who was there for it will tell you the same thing. Yes @Andy B it's a real moog ladder filter~ and yes it sounds great! (i.e. like a MOOG not a monotron) PS: @Goku Same inventor as FreqBox-Steve Dunnington and he personally led us through the class with the rest of the fabulous moog team PSS: @Robert good news about the Tinysizer until I found out they want $2,000 for it :)

28-May-14 10:53 AM

Formerly Fred    Said...

Well it is real, I just preordered mine, and it should be here in a week or two. My first order of buisness, after assembling the thing, will be to figure out how to plug my Voyager OS, or my MoFo into the patch bay.

18-Jun-14 01:48 PM

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