Podcast: Sonic TALK 356 - Werkstatt and Moogfest

Pringles Organ, VCS3 X2, gear improvisation   24-Apr-14

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71:38 mins


Robbie Bronnimann - producer and composer
Gaz Williams - pro bass player and producer


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In the week of Moogfest we discuss the Ashville Electronic Music event, and the  monosynth Werkstatt, the Pringles Organ - is it real? iVCS3 and XILS3 - two VCS3 emulations for iPad and desktop, plus a bit of creative gear usage and application improvisation.

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A pedant :)    Said...

Hi Nick. Please, please can you stop describing the chatroom as 'fulsome'. I'm not sure it even means what your using it to mean (full), but I'm not bothered by that - it's just that you always say 'we have a fulsome chatroom'. How about full? Crowded? Busy? Lively! Bursting? Healthy? Chokka? Crammed? Bustin'? Love the podcast, btw, just every week you describe the chatroom as 'fulsome' and it's beginning to rankle. Sorry to nit-pick.

24-Apr-14 08:35 AM

Woo    Said...

Don't stop, Nick! That's part of our SonicState Drinking Game - you've said that word in almost every episode in the 3+ years I've been listening to the podcast! (You don't want to know Gaz or Tinley have to say for us to drink!)

25-Apr-14 09:00 AM

A pedant and tosspot :)    Said...

No - don't stop Nick. As soon as I posted that I wished I hadn't and felt like a total tosspot. 1,000 apologies. I love the podcast and you and the podcasters are part of my mental map. I feel thoroughly fulsomely bad.

25-Apr-14 09:42 AM

Brent C    Said...

As a participant in the workshop, I must say this was the opportunity of a lifetime. All of the Moog employees were top rate in their fields and so polite and generous with their time.

As to the Werkstatt, it may look small but it has all the heft and fatness as one of my Voyager oscillators; in fact the output is being driven slightly more than the Voyager so that warm clipping is taking place. And there was conjecture/questioning on the podcast regarding whether the "real' ladder filter is part of this unit. Yes! The trademark Moog sound is certainly present, even through the small guitar amps we were using for testing. The experience and product were definitely worth the trip! My only regret of the week is not hooking up to meet Rich Hilton in person. Ah, maybe post-NAMM at the Marriott next January.

Keep up the great work! Of my 15 hours commuting/week, your 1 hr podcast is the most enjoyable.

26-Apr-14 11:06 PM

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