Sonic Touch Ep 31 - Korg Gadget

Wins a Gold Award - you can win a copy too   24-Apr-14

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Gaz Williams
Nick Batt - editor

Welcome to another episode of sonic TOUCH - the show dedicated to music creation on the touchscreen device.

We're looking at Korg's new music creation environment - Gadget - with 15 instruments to choose from and a well designed GUI, taking full advantage of the iOS touch world, we think its a killer app. As a result, we're awarding it a Sonic Touch Gold Award

sonic Touch - Korg Gadget

Its a premium priced App, but we feel that its worth the cost.


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Rusty Warren    Said...

Nice review, this one looks fun.

24-Apr-14 11:06 AM

mharnishfeger    Said...

Looks like a lot of fun indeed

24-Apr-14 11:41 AM

The Guvnor    Said...

I have iPad envy. My poor iPad 2 barely works with this.

24-Apr-14 11:59 AM

Ian Page-Echols    Said...

Definitely starting to need some major firepower for some of these apps.

I wish the recently released iSEM from Arturia would also have been built to be used with Tabletop. Maybe with an update?

24-Apr-14 12:34 PM

Jamitup    Said...

Big minus: ONLY PORTRAIT MODE. Too bad...

24-Apr-14 02:30 PM

Raymond........    Said...

love the review.......

24-Apr-14 03:16 PM

Raymond........    Said...

Love the review.....

24-Apr-14 03:17 PM

Sander J Alkemade    Said...

Great Review.

Would love to see an update where the other KORG apps for IOS like Ielectribe or Ims-20 are integrated. Gadget does SEE them, but at the moment thats it.

Still a great app with a lot of future potential ;-)

24-Apr-14 04:51 PM

Vern S    Said...

Great show. Please make it available as a stitcher station.

24-Apr-14 05:23 PM

Mathieu    Said...

Thanks for all the great reviews, very keen on your shows. Hope I'll win the copy of Gadget. ;)

24-Apr-14 05:35 PM

Tudorfingers    Said...

Another great review and another app I have to get after watching the show, I'm going to have to upgrade to a 64G ipad to fit them all!

24-Apr-14 07:26 PM

Russell Butterfield    Said...

Hmmmm this is awesome looking, great review guys, so I can export tracks into Auria from this as well, I may as well put my version of pro tools 11 on eBay then, I love my iPad Air........:-)

27-Apr-14 03:44 AM

Nurd    Said...

Berlin - Techno Chicago - House Perth - Rolf Harris


27-Apr-14 05:50 AM

selercs    Said...

Great app, nice review. I want to buy this but I wish Korg would let this integrate with a major DAW as a standalone hardware rack...then I will buy it!

28-Apr-14 07:39 AM

joe b    Said...

Great review, ordering ipad as we speak!

28-Apr-14 12:03 PM

Paul N Hale    Said...

Great app wish i had an iPad air to run it on

28-Apr-14 01:58 PM

Arthur Stone    Said...

Products like this make it very tempting to move to new ways of making music; great review :-)

30-Apr-14 09:28 AM

Leslie    Said...

Fantastic review as ever and it only shows that iPad Air has become the serious music production system and not just a toy.

02-May-14 03:37 PM

Russell Butterfield    Said...

So who won the comp then Nick?. I hope its me cos I have a nice shiny iPad Air to play it on…=0D

17-May-14 09:23 AM

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