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IK Multimedia iRing controls music apps with simple hand gestures   08-May-14

IK Multimedia has announced that iRing, the first motion controller for music apps and more, is now available from music and electronics retailers worldwide. First presented at CES 2014, iRing is an affordable, wearable technology system that IK Multimedia says gives users a new level of gestural control over their favourite music apps, in real-time, using hand positioning for unprecedented music expression. Here's the rest of what they have to say about it in their own words:

The iRing system consists of two double-sided "rings" to wear comfortably on the fingers along with a series of apps that are able to detect the iRings' accurate positions in space using the device's camera. Through the recognition of the dot patterns printed on the rings, the device's camera picks up the movement and translates it into MIDI information. Users can then interact with music apps by simply moving their hands in front of their device through the precise reading of the ring position, which is converted into music commands or MIDI control messages to operate various app parameters without touching the device.

iRing includes two identical double-sided ring controllers plus two free apps for various music applications designed for everyone from music lovers to knowledgeable DJs and musicians: iRing Music Maker and iRing FX/Controller.

iRing Music Maker is a free app that gives music lovers and DJs a fun new way to create music and grooves using hand gestures, no matter what their skill level. iRing Music Maker utilises music "loops" that always sound good together and can be remixed in virtually limitless combinations by simply waving the hands with the iRing controllers in front of the device's camera. Users can change beats, control rhythmic elements, play synth parts and control effects providing hours and hours of quality musical entertainment. Plus, iRing Music Maker also includes lead and bass synths with respective pattern players that can be independently operated for hours of error-free musical improvisation. Creating music has never been so much fun!

iRing FX/Controller is the app for skilled musicians and DJs that is both a real-time audio effects processor and a MIDI controller with fully assignable parameters. It can be used as a touch-less outboard audio effects processor, or can be fully configured to send multiple simultaneous MIDI parameters; such as control changes, notes or any other MIDI messages.

As an effects processor, iRing FX/Controller uses the analogue or digital input of the device for processing external audio sources. FX/Controller can also be used with Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatible apps to process the audio stream from music apps running on the device to add stunning and brilliant audio effects. The iRings can control up to six effects parameters at a time. iRing FX/Controller operates two simultaneous effects, selectable from up to 16 powerful and creative effects, including: Delay, Stutter, Phazer, Flanger, Compression, Fuzzy, Reverb, AutoWah, Crush, Twist Up & Down, Brake, Spin and Tail.

As a MIDI controller, iRing FX/Controller can transmit MIDI messages to other Virtual MIDI compatible apps running on the device or to external devices using compatible MIDI interfaces (like IK's iRig MIDI). iRing FX/Controller can send out the complete set of MIDI messages (control change, notes, program change, pitch wheel, aftertouch, MIDI system real-time, and MMC, MIDI Machine Control) with up to 3 assignable parameters corresponding to the X, Y and Z axis positions for each of the 2 detectable rings for a new level of touch-less control. Additionally, MIDI messages can also be sent to a computer application via Wi-Fi (using MIDI network). Users can configure the app to control effects, filters, notes, patches and more for creative and dynamic "never before seen" performances.

iRing computer vision technology is also directly incorporated into the entire line of IK Multimedia DJ apps like Groovemaker® and DJ Rig™ and will soon be included into other popular IK apps such as AmpliTube®, SampleTank®, VocaLive™ and more so that DJs, guitarists, vocalists, bass players, producers, keyboardists and engineers will have a new level of control to deliver powerful and unique performances.

For third-party developers who want to incorporate and implement iRing technology directly into their apps, IK is offering a free SDK (software development kit) and licensing program which makes it easy to take advantage of this new breakthrough technology. iRing can also be easily utilized beyond music for a wide variety of applications including gaming, health & fitness, utilities and more. Developers can take advantage of the technology and improve the functionality of their apps by contacting IK via the link provided on the iRing product page.

iRing features

  • Advanced motion-tracking technology provides remote control of iOS apps using hand positions and gestures
  • Includes two identical, double-sided reversible rings allowing for numerous control combinations and control of up to 6 effects' parameters simultaneously with two hands
  • iRings are unique looking, light, comfortable and provide a universal fit
  • Free Apps available on the App StoreSM: iRing Music Maker app, which gives the ability to make music using hand gestures with no previous musical knowledge
  • Also, iRing FX/Controller app, which lets musicians and DJs create custom MIDI control setups, plus add and control audio effects, using compatible apps or external devices
  • iRing computer vision technology can be licensed and incorporated into other third-party apps including gaming, health & fitness, utilities and more

Pricing and Availability:
iRing controllers cost only $24.99/€19.99 (excluding taxes), are available in three colours (white, green and grey) and are now shipping from music and electronics retailers worldwide and from the IK Multimedia online store.

iRing FX/Controller and iRing Music Maker apps are available as free downloads from the App Store.

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Roberto    Said...

$25 for 2 little pieces of plastic and they won't even decode secret messages?!

08-May-14 06:10 AM

RP    Said...

If anyone at all is on the fence about throwing $25 at '2 little pieces of plastic' as Roberto so aptly put it, watch this, feel the pain of the rep who realized that this was what she had to demo.

There's a reason the demo video IK put out for this shows everything exspet someone actually using the things. Kinda useless IMHO

08-May-14 08:20 AM

Stratboy    Said...

I remember buying a Roland SP-808 many years ago, being blown away with the concept of gesture motion (via the D-Beam) and in my head thinking Minority Report had finally come to the world of the musician. I then remember feeling stupid and getting nothing but mediocre results from waving my arms around in the air (as well as strangely tired arms). There's a reason pots and sliders are still the primary source of controlling things you know.

08-May-14 08:25 AM

PistachioDisguisey    Said...

More Cracker Jacks from old timey disco era ik.. lol.. desperate as usual.. they don't realize people know bamboozle products.. useless.. no one will ever use this except as a party joke maybe.. same as their phone apps.. no one really uses their stiff like they say.. just novelty hype.. any celebrity you see using their stuff on the site in a photo is because ik gave them a free product in exchange for the photo... please..

08-May-14 09:59 AM

Byron    Said...

The internet being what it is, it's hard to know whether the previous commenter has any whatsoever official affiliation with IK Multimedia.

But then I got to thinking, the only thing sadder than someone pretending to represent the company and critiquing other comments in such a '9 year old girl' manner, would actually be someone from the company doing that.

As for the product, probably not for everyone but these things are usually the type of releases that certain folks could put to clever previously un-thought of uses with the SDK, which would be great to see. I agree though that $25 is ridiculous, IK do have a strange pricing model and no doubt there'll be a 50% sale on these in a few weeks.

09-May-14 07:20 AM

Nick B    Said...

No, the IK comments were not from them, they asked me to remove them which I have done. Sorry if it breaks the flow of the comments

13-May-14 05:11 AM

IK Multimedia    Said...

So... no sale in a few weeks and these are doing quite well and even used in an accessibility lab where people with learning disabilities are able to enjoy making music using them? Sounds like iRing is not "useless" or some "novelty"... Just to let you know that time did indeed tell (and yes this is IK Multimedia). Here's that link:

03-Jul-14 10:25 AM

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