Podcast: Sonic TALK 359 - Secret Weapons,Vulfpeck and Polymath

storage and backup, Vulfpeck ansd Spotify payments   15-May-14



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First up Mark gives us a tip about using the right USB cables, then we enjoy the Analogue Solutions Polymath modular synth,  then news of the new Sony 185TB tape system which sparks a general discussion about backup strategies and data management. Then the panel gives us some great top tips and secret weapons from their considerable experience. The Vulfpeck Sleepify album is next - they spoofed Spotify to earn $20,000 for an album mof 30sec silent tracks.
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KingVidiot    Said...

I'm not sure why you guys are having trouble making proper Mac OS images with Disk Utility. I do it every day. Carbon Copy Cloner is cool, but not crucial. Super Duper sounds interesting though. I feel Rich's pain with Sony AIT tapes. I used to wrangle tapes for several corporate servers every day in my old IT Admin role. Retrospect is worse than Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec (formerly Seagate) backup utilities.

15-May-14 04:10 PM

Nick B    Said...

sparse images are the trouble at least under 10.6.8 or 10.7.

I made several when backip up the systems on our machines here and none of them came back. So I used CCC and it was fine. They wouldnt verify on mount so it was a waste of dics space. maybe higher OS iterations are okay but thats not what we are running at the moment

15-May-14 05:41 PM

KingVidiot    Said...

Hmm, could be a 10.6.8 issue, but 10.7.5 up to the recent 10.9.3 create fine images. As long as CCC works fine for you're in good shape.

The tricky issue is when you want to image your Mac partition and your Bootcamp partition. I finally found a 3rd party utility to backup the Bootcamp partition from Mac OS.

15-May-14 07:12 PM

Essio    Said...

nick was smoking nananananananaaaaaa

nick was smoking nananananananaaaaaa


16-May-14 06:06 AM

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