TMG Interview: Taylor Answers Questions Of Controversy From The Gear Page

TMG's silence is finally broken in a 45 minute interview   19-May-14

One thread on the Gear Page has taken on a life of its own in recent weeks, it started with one man complaining about his experience of TMG guitars, and turned into something so much more.

In the end, hundreds of people levelled questions and accusations at 'Taylor', the man behind TMG, which even included questions about his name.

Some questions were about things that could be considered little white lies, such as his nationality (claiming he is Australian, when he sounds British), and some questions accused the company of taking money as deposits and then failing to supply products.

Taylor answers the question of his nationality, and attempts to answer some of the more difficult questions from the Gear Page thread, but the interviewer seems to do most of the talking, almost answering many of the questions for him.

Some of the questions/issues are ignored, and many of the questions on the Gear Page thread were actually aimed at other members of the TMG team/family, rather than just Taylor himself, maybe those questions will go unanswered.

Anyway, watch the interview for yourself and be the judge.

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tom    Said...

taylor, you are the greatest douche in the universe. listen to the bells fuck face, it tolls for thee

20-May-14 04:14 AM

Robert    Said...

Sounds like he's turning things around. from doing a little digging as well looks like TMG has gotten more guitars into customers hands as well.

22-May-14 04:39 PM

Scuffles    Said...

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Tony has left a string of pissed off people in his wake.

23-May-14 02:45 PM

timmy    Said...

How bout that 50 sec bit about the pedals from 37:30 - 38:20... Taylor, bro... tell us more about this other company that you had "too much invested in". Interesting footnote: TMG owes many thousands $$$ in australia. Although Taylor is great at manipulating others to work at no upfront charge , nobody will actually receive their pedal until those bills are paid. Sorry bro

24-May-14 09:41 PM

Zack    Said...

dude is so full of shit. His "partner" aint his wife = no australian passport. However, they are engaged and its Shane's 19 year old sister could actually happen. Pretty sure this guy doesnt wanna go home to england for a host of reasons and is looking for a way back to Oz. Yo America! Sic this fucker so he cant rip people off again

25-May-14 04:37 PM

Brad    Said...

You know TMG skipped on paying their lease at Playa Playa (over $5000). Taylor should go with an American bride because they'll lynch him in Australia - I hear Fender are STILL after them too! Hard to get a green card without a sponsor and Donnie cut ties with them. Ha! head for the hills!

25-May-14 06:02 PM

cam    Said...

i think he's got someone in America making pedals. Dont wait for Taylor to make the next move because its gonna hurt a lot of innocent people. Reputations will be tarnished - too many people believe the things Taylor says. i feel sorry for anyone who counts themselves in the proverbial "TMG Family". You're getting raped

27-May-14 06:51 PM

Zack    Said...

Haha, yes! Talk about blind faith... I want to know Mike Han's story, the former TMG tech sacked about a year ago. Taylor did a real number on him assassinating his character and the dude just up and left.

27-May-14 07:43 PM

Matt    Said...

Mike was "Taylored". They had a couple techs come and ago afterwards but the only one remaining is Kenny. He's a nice malleable Christian boy, just the way Taylor likes em.

28-May-14 12:20 AM

David    Said...

Kenny! I bought one of their guitars after I was referred by a friend from church. Kenny is a gentleman but those guys are a lil rusty on the electronics. My pickups were wired out of phase! And it took them a long time to figure that out. I think kenny's prior work experience was acoustic set ups at Taylor guitars in the US...

28-May-14 12:32 AM

Days are Numbered    Said...

this is messed up. i was gonna complement Talor on his marketing skills until he promoted this other guy on his instagram account. oddfellow effects = caveman drive. looks like the drhive at nearly half the price - AND IT AINT TMG! shoot yourself in the foot much??

29-May-14 03:53 AM

tom    Said...

Aint TMG? i Love stuff that isn't made by TMG!

29-May-14 06:20 PM

Zack    Said...

so how long has it been since Taylor said he's "fixed" the problem with the drhive pedals? I havent heard of Anybody getting one. something smells...

06-Jun-14 08:30 PM

tom    Said...

its just more lies dude. He's a textbook sociopath. Making more time so he can slap the rest of his guitars together. He'll be back in australia this month to weasel the drhive/Selma pedals without paying for them ( which aint gonna work!). EVERYBODY KNOWS TMG DOESNT MAKE PEDALS, RIGHT????

07-Jun-14 06:03 AM

gary    Said...

Tom are you saying that the drhrive and selma are the products of someone else? and TMG just has their label on it??? if TMG owes money that would totally explain why those pedals aren't in customers hands...

08-Jun-14 07:23 PM

zack    Said...

am i wrong or is TMG/Shane claiming that he is now wiring guitars and doing "mods"?Thats what i got from instagram... Classic Tmg. Either its another flat out lie, Or people are paying big bucks$$$ for guitars assembled by a guy with absolutely NO experience or understanding... shit, its ridiculous enough with Antonio at the helm

15-Jun-14 10:30 PM

Zack    Said...

new gear page thread:

so great. i love the TMG responses. i Hope this guy Connor sticks to his guns but i get the feeling he's another weak willed TMG customer.

21-Jun-14 01:38 AM

HeyBro    Said...

TMG cleverly removed the video just like they have been removing comments on their instagram. So if anyone still wants to see Antonio, Tony, David, Taylor fidget & squirm, here's the link:

23-Jun-14 05:30 AM

Vike    Said...

Hi folks, a little backstory on this Taylor character's church of choice - Hillsong.

As you may know, Taylor's star endorsee is/was Nigel Hendroff. He's a bit of a nobody in the real world, but he's a Hillsong church strummer who has appeared on their albums.

Hillsong have a reputation here in Australia and have been in the media for all of the wrong reasons.

Firstly, there was a youth pastor named Michael G who faked having cancer for 2 years as a ruse to cover his porno addiction. He wrote a song called "Healer" where he came out on stage with an oxygen mask and the whole bit.

YT video:

Secondly, there was a big blow up with Hillsong and Mercy Ministries. It turned out that Mercy Ministries was staffed with Hillsong bible-students who were performing exorcisms on people with real mental health issues. Oh, and they were pocketing the girls weekly disability payments. Nice. The place got shut down.

Lastly, there were a number of sex scandals. A long time youth pastor (Pat Mesiti) got busted with hookers and had to resign from his position. And Frank, head pastor Brian's dad came out as an admitted paedophile.

So when I read this stuff about Taylor, and when he talks about how he attends Hillsong church, it ALL makes sense. Birds of a feather people.

23-Jun-14 06:07 AM

Jesus H Christ    Said...

Taylor my son, yay, you have brought such pain to so many of my children, yay, it is time for you to make amends. Kill yourself. (yay)

25-Jun-14 12:02 AM

Whaaaa...!?    Said...

I hear some of the people that are posting TMG are actually relatives. You gotta suck pretty bad if your own relatives take to the internet to trash you and reveal your secrets.

I also heard that there some sort of massive loan owed to some London criminal element, which is why Taylor fled to Australia in the first place.

01-Jul-14 06:25 PM

Arriba    Said...

Fix them bucky fuckin teeth

07-Jul-14 01:28 PM

Tad Bennington IV    Said...

Mosley Guitars and Blackpoole Guitars...Taylor, has this bit of history come out yet? Some go-getter intrepid reporter needs to suss out the deep background.

25-Jul-14 07:47 PM

Will    Said...


I bought $30k of stock from Blackpoole that i never received. If this maggot is the same guy, i'll hunt him down. I developed a full business in Oz with NO stock. The guy is a low life germ. PLEASE someone investigate. Waiting with bated breath........................

02-Aug-14 07:54 PM

Susan    Said...

Oh my God I know who this is and exactly where to find him!

07-Nov-15 03:56 PM

Paul    Said...

I know this guy as well, he used to be my room mate about 9 years ago

10-Nov-15 07:14 PM

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