Presentation: Elektron Analog RYTM

Analog drum machine with sample playback   20-May-14

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Elektron visited last year to show us their new Analog 4 - the first of their new range of digitally controlled analog instruments, since then we've reviewed the Analog Keys and heard about the Analog RYTM.

RYTM takes the new analog technology and combines it with sample playback (1GB storage on the PlusDrive) to create powerful 8 voice, 12 track drum machine. Together with Elektron's parameter lock system working with the on board sequencer and scenes, you've got a pretty capable machine.

Cenk AKA Dataline is the arch demonstrator of Elektron gear, he came by to show us the ins and outs of the machine and show us what it can do, as well as treating us to a performance.

Elektron Analog RYTM is available now, stock is coming back on stream. Available through the Elektron website and selected dealers worldwide.

UK Price £1249


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Peter K.    Said...

A Genius machine. Wow....

20-May-14 05:39 PM

Quentin L.    Said...

Awesome presentation and product! Thank you Cenk and Nick.

20-May-14 06:07 PM

Reyescult    Said...

I thought the wait was hard BEFORE this demo. Now, it's KILLING me. I can't wait for mine to come in!

20-May-14 06:55 PM

LagrangeAudio    Said...

Great machine, no doubt, but £1249 really?? Is that a mis-print?

20-May-14 08:29 PM

bc3    Said...

trust me, it is worth it. very professional and informational demonstration guys!

21-May-14 07:20 AM

Champ    Said...

Its a box full of surprises. I love it.

21-May-14 08:16 AM

Adrian Skye    Said...

Cool. learned a couple of things. Love my rytm

21-May-14 12:40 PM

Mr Logical    Said...

Hey Lagrange, what price can you make the exact same machine for then? And where is the company who can do the same for less?

21-May-14 02:52 PM

Will Buy RYTM    Said...

Can I get a bit more of how to actually create BEATS on the RYTM, an Step by Step explaining the various ways of programming BEATS. I still cannot decide if the Sequencer is more convincing than the MPC.

Great Analog Engine thou,

21-May-14 07:23 PM

E03    Said...

Oh i love this thing & now with the FM engine i think this is the best drum-machine on the market. Wish i could afford :( - i need to sell a lung or something lol

21-May-14 08:24 PM


Elektron have a very unique UI that has a bit of a learning curve, but when you get it under your fingers and into your brain the possibilities are near limitless. If I needed a drum machine and had the money for one- no doubt this would be my pick.

22-May-14 02:57 PM

DtB    Said...

The bad thing is: projects contain songs, which load very quickly, which is very cool, but tempo is not stored per pattern or song, but per project. Means: all songs in a project have the same tempo. This is not good as changing projects has long loading times. For live situations pattern tempo assign would be very necessary. I hope a future updare will change this, else i have to sell this very good sounding, well built machine and stick to my old mpc-bangers

29-Dec-14 02:15 PM

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