Native Instruments Updates iMASCHINE

Now also optimized for iPad   23-May-14

Native Instruments has released an update for iMASCHINE, their beat sketchpad for iOS devices. The latest version of the app is optimized for iPad, adapting to its larger screen layout. The update also includes a set of new sounds, iTunes sampling, and more. Current owners of iMASCHINE receive the update free. New customers can get iMASCHINE for $4.99 / 4,49 € / £2.99 / ¥500 at the Apple App Store. Here's the details in NI's own words...

iMASCHINE allows users to create music sketches on-the-go with their iPad or iPhone. With an eclectic selection of drums, synths, one-shots, and a built-in audio recorder, it is designed for on-the-go beatmaking. The update features a new user interface and an optimized layout for iPhone 5, iPad and iPad mini. On the iPad, the modified interface allows two-handed operation:  editing and performing functions are now on the same window as iMASCHINE's 16 drum-pads, 2-octave keyboard and the audio-recorder, making its workflow even smoother. Aside from iMASCHINE's standard library, the update also includes QUANTUM COLLECTION – a brand-new iMASCHINE Expansion featuring a choice selection of sounds from the recently released MASCHINE 2 Library. The new iTunes sampling allows users to capture parts from the music on their iOS device and edit the samples' start and end points.

Writing and performing with iMASCHINE becomes easier, thanks to a number of helpful workflow enhancements. Intuitive XY performance controls are a new way to perform effects. A swipe redo/undo function is a welcome addition for an even faster workflow. Lastly, this iMASCHINE update adds a metronome on/off switch – a popular request from the iMASCHINE community. Anyone who already owns iMASCHINE gets this entire feature set, including QUANTUM COLLECTION, for free by updating the iMASCHINE app on their iOS device.

The video features Jamie Lidell creating a track live with iMASCHINE.

Pricing and Availability:
Current iMASCHINE owners get the update free by updating the iMASCHINE app on their iOS device. New customers can get iMASCHINE for $4.99 / 4,49 € / £2.99 / ¥500 at the Apple App Store.

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Leslie    Said...

Well, NO AudioBus, NO IAA, NO MIDI, NOT even AudioCopy support - what a joke. BTW; Cubasis 1.8 was released 2 days ago with Automation and AudioBus support and it is broadcasted on every Music production website, but NOT SonicState... WHY..?>!

23-May-14 02:44 AM

imaschine loosing a fan!    Said...

The new imaschine update for iphone sucks ass you can't even mute a channel on the mixer without it going back to the keys or the pads. Why Is That?

23-May-14 03:48 AM

RP    Said...

I for one absolutely love iMaschine, it's turned fruitless commutes into very productive little moments. Really amazing workflow which I hope they haven't messed too much with, apprehensive to update now.

RE the Cubase comment, Sonicstate is probably the best musicians web site on the planet and has been for a very long time. How dare anyone question their integrity, and all that. Nick you are a prince amongst frogs...

23-May-14 09:22 AM

RP    Said...

OK, took the leap and played around with the new one. It's absolutely great, the ability to import from itunes and chop up samples that way is just great. The new way to control effects via an XY axis controller is also a nice introduction.

RE the comment about muting, not true at all. The old machine you clicked on the pad or keys below a channel strip to muteunmute. On this one you click the mute' button below each stip to get the same result, but there's an added pad and keys icon over the strip now if you want to jump to a track (before you had to get out of mixer). So actually a plus.

23-May-14 12:10 PM

Carlo    Said...

Ha ha, 'this app version that's just been released sucks ass because the mute is slightly different'.

I just grabbed the thing and have been playing with it for about 30 mins, very nice altogether.

23-May-14 02:37 PM

Champ    Said...

No background audio support. No Audiobus support. No Maschine controller support. Still only 4 tracks, no solo just mutes.

Why not when its a absolute must to have. Its basically forces you to use a 500,- dollar iPad for a limited peace of software. And I really thought the next update would be amazing.

24-May-14 06:45 AM

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