Podcast: Sonic TALK 363 - Free Stuff!

Aira System-1, Empire of the Sun, Eventide Free plug   12-Jun-14

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79:41 mins




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We love free stuff and first up is the news of Eventide's ULTRA CHANNEL free channel strip plug-in, worth $249. Then we enjoy The Studio In The Country and its echo chamber, then we examine the Empire Of The Sun's I'll Be Around vocal sound and general vocal processing, finally we enjoy the Focusrite video cellebrating the legendary Focusrite console of which only 10 were ever made.

Note: due to Youtubes ridiculously inconsistant copyright enforcement, the video has been restricted in several territories - you can blame the short clip of Empire of the Sun.

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The Guvnor    Said...

It looks like online marketing is getting smarter by the day. After listening to the podcast on the front page, later that night when cruising FaceBook this link came up sir me!!!


12-Jun-14 10:37 AM

Nick B    Said...

Wow that is super niche, and yet so wrong! WHat are the chances

12-Jun-14 12:11 PM

Kafka    Said...

Hi Nick, you described the System-1 as a paraphonic synth which surprises me. Are we going to be reviewing it as a standalone synth first (please!) or are you hanging on for the SH-101 plug out? An A/B test would be good...

16-Jun-14 04:31 AM

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