Moog Announces Super Delay Stompbox

Moogerfooger MF-104M Super Delay released in a limited production run   16-Jun-14

Moog Announces Super Delay Stompbox

Moog has announced the release of the MF-104M Super Delay - a 560 piece limited production analog delay based on Moog's best selling analog delay, the MF-104M. The MF-104M Super Delay features over 1.2 seconds of vintage, analog delay time provided by 6 NOS Panasonic Bucket Brigade chips. The power supply, bias, and rail generating circuitry have all been improved for greater sound quality and reduced microphonics, and an Emphasis/De-Emphasis circuit has been added for reduced noise. Additionally, the delay-loop level matching circuitry from the 500 Series analog delay has been included for maximized feedback and mix stability.

"In 2005, we released the MF-104SD, of which only 250 units were ever produced," said Cyril Lance, Moog Music Chief Engineer. "The new MF-104M Super Delay utilizes the identical vintage Bucket Brigade chips found in the classic MF-104SD, faithfully delivering a vintage grittiness that's extremely musical," said Lance.

The MF-104M Super Delay includes all of the features found in the MF-104M analog delay, including MIDI control of every feature on and under the hood, a 6 Waveshape LFO, tap tempo of delay time and LFO rate, spillover mode, and the traditional short/long delay switch for bright, articulate 50ms-600ms trails, and dark, mysterious 100ms-1200ms trails.

Like all Moogerfoogers, the MF-104M Super Delay is housed in a rugged steel chassis with wood sides and utilizes CV/Expression inputs for external control of Time, Rate, Feedback, Amount, and Mix parameters. A delay feedback Insert is also available for adding external effects to the delay line.

Pricing and Availability:

560 MF-104M Super Delay's are available at Moog Music dealers worldwide

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gooM    Said...

Great effects - too damn expensive !

16-Jun-14 03:42 AM

Adam    Said...

The rent's too damn high!

16-Jun-14 01:33 PM

gooM    Said...

I usually go without food for a month when I need to buy gear. Moog - you have my food money !!! :-{

16-Jun-14 05:00 PM

Solarphonic70    Said...

blimey £471 i suppose you are buying the name and the fact its a limited but for heavens sake its still through the roof for what it does i would go for a free vst delay i think at that price

18-Jun-14 09:07 AM

global socialite    Said...

got it in yesterday. AMAZING!

20-Jun-14 01:29 PM

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