AIRA System-1 SH-101 Plug-Out World Premiere

We have the clip   26-Jun-14

UPDATE - YT User Cresshead posted the SH-101 plug-out segment from the live stream on his Youtube Channel.

While we're clearly extremely bitter and twisted at not getting the exclusive (not really!), we're glad that our friends over at SSR London had a live event planned for 26th June where the Roland Aira System-1 Plug-Out SH-101 model was revealed for the first time.


We recently posted our own initial review of the Roland Aira System-1, you can see how it fared here. As you may know, the System-1 is a DSP based VA synth and has the ability to load an additional model into its memory. Roland plan to roll out a bunch of these and the first is the SH-101.

Favoured by a generation of early dance and techno acts it was one of Rolands more successful budget monos.

Last nights  event will featured several big names Marshal Jefferson, Adamski (brother of regular Sonic TALK guest Mark Tinley), Luke Solomon and Faithless' Sister Bliss , after the initial presentation from Roland, they discussed the influence of Roland instruments on their work. You can see the full event on SSRs own Youtube channel


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The Guvnor    Said...

Quality vs first to press. You guys win quality every time

26-Jun-14 01:12 PM

Garak    Said...

And it's 27 minutes past the hour with nothing yet....

26-Jun-14 01:28 PM

Terry    Said...

The hold music is probably the worse song I've ever heard. Is Roland trying to give the impression they're as cool as Justin Bieber by keeping us waiting for hours?

26-Jun-14 01:38 PM

Bazzaa    Said...

Quite clear that it is not happening. Goodnight

26-Jun-14 02:01 PM

Wackiez    Said...

Don't make us listen to HORRIBLE PIANO HOUSE and not show us anything please! :(

26-Jun-14 02:08 PM

Garak    Said...

Total cock up. Embarrassing. Very unprepared. System 1 looks like a bit of a sham now, like someone else commented - a sub par synth which happens to be a midi controller for whatever other vst shit they want to overprice later down the track.

27-Jun-14 04:16 AM

God    Said...

What a DREADFUL presentation…. totally under prepared. It's usually I great muso who is just crap at demoing… or vice versa… but here we have the full monty… total non musician who is crap at demoing!!! Well done Roland!!

27-Jun-14 05:51 AM


Wasn't sure about the system 1 to start off but as the TR8 seemed pretty good I thought I'd give it a look. Was a complete mess up of a presentation, I turned off the live stream after an hour of waiting for it to start. Now I've seen the above video I'm pretty sure this isn't the synth for me. I can see why some people would like the hands-on control of the VST though. The plug out would prob only be used if you're gigging as the sound is exactly the same in your DAW as in the System 1. I know it's been said a hundred times but it's such a shame Roland refuse to revisit some of their older analogues, I have 2 of them and still can't get over how good they sound! What is coming next might be good, could be a System 2 which is a full size keyboard that copies fully controls a Jupiter 8 plugin.

27-Jun-14 06:02 AM

marcus    Said...

Quality sound, getting close to analogue. Thank you Roland for giving us the VST option!

27-Jun-14 09:27 AM

Glenn    Said...

plugout = 8 patches?? no thanks.

27-Jun-14 08:08 PM

Coz    Said...

They're trying way too hard with this stuff. You're half way to a Moog Sub 37 with the price of the System 1 which completely takes the piss.

So much for "not revisiting the past". They'd make substantially more cash if they just remade all their old classics. It won't ever happen though…

27-Jun-14 10:14 PM

Champ    Said...

As long as Roland sells these things like crazy they will make the statement they did well and its a wonderful synth.

No velocity is something i just don't get. Why even consider keys if you think on/off is more then enough? Looking whats inside i came to the conclusion: Strip the keys, smaller case (1/3 of its size) Cut the price in third. Now its something I might consider (just for the fun of it, just not the quality in sound)

@ God, You don't know what you're talking about. David is doing a fine job and he is a musician. Its not his fault the connection got corrupted these things happen with low budgets.

29-Jun-14 11:54 AM

Blake    Said...

I like the Roland sound but I think this is a bit too "DJ oriented." 2 octave keys with no velocity sensitivity is screaming "EDM" to me. It sounds pleasant but Roland is notorious for dropping software support on their products so I only see the plug-out as a bonus feature. I really hope they make a rack version so it can be used with a real set of keys.

30-Jun-14 03:19 AM

Benedict J    Said...

Get the impression the guy got no time to prepare for this plug-out demo (noticeably less slick than previous).

Shame about the system-1 after all that hype; turns out to be surprisingly unremarkable.

This system-1 is a classic committee-designed compromise that satisfies nobody, but we WILL see these plug-ins again, rehashed and repackaged before you can say "paycheque".

30-Jun-14 02:05 PM

Malcolm Davis    Said...

This is truly bad - compare it with the Dave Smith Prophet 2 demo - Why anyone would waste $799 (AUD) on a System 1 is beyond me. I'd much prefer a Novation Ultranova, or put the $799 towards a Prophet 2 or a Elektron Analog Keys. In any case, its all going to be blown away by the Korg ARP Odyssey later in the year.

15-Jul-14 10:35 PM

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