Jordan Rudess Plays Toy Piano

Korg's TinyPIANO gets a workout in a new video   30-Jun-14

Jordan Rudess, solo artist and keyboardist for Dream Theater, reveals his latest source of inspiration: Korg's TinyPIANO. The TinyPIANO is a digital toy piano with 25 velocity-sensitive mini keys, 25 beautiful sounds, a library of 50 songs, optional battery power, and a tough wooden body available in four colors.

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RP    Said...

Korg 'Jordan we'd like you to endorse a product'

Rudess 'You had me at Jordan'

To be fair, and I am as prone to slam his over-endoresement tendencies as the next sonicstater, this is pretty great keyboard playing skills

30-Jun-14 01:36 PM

Champ    Said...

If you got a baby on the way but your wife told you no more new instruments you might have a way to convince her otherwise.

Played with it on Messe and for the little ones it is actually pretty cool as a first piano.

30-Jun-14 04:35 PM

WorknMan    Said...

When vendors need a shill, I'm pretty sure most of them have Rudess on speed dial at this point.

30-Jun-14 05:44 PM

rezleaza    Said...

He's using two toy pianos, that's cheating :)

.. wish I could play the keyboard as well :(

01-Jul-14 06:12 AM

Jim    Said...

Hey Jordon... I need someone to endorse my keyboard-engraved toenail clippings...

01-Jul-14 12:01 PM


"Jordan, we have a new line up of electronic instruments called the Aira series. What do you say?"

Jordan: "Sorry, I am endorsing a toy piano for Korg... Can't"

02-Jul-14 02:54 PM

Farticus!    Said...

Jordan is a working musician with a family to raise. He's also a gear hound at heart and loves anything new and exciting... And fun! You're going to fault the guy for saying yes when they ask if he wants to play their new keyboard? Please, when they call you and you say no, have them send it to me. I'll take shipment, I'll play it, and I'll make a funny video too. Nice hat, Jordan. Play on, sir! Please, play on!

02-Jul-14 06:30 PM

WorknMan    Said...

@Farticus! Yeah and when we see you making those videos, we'll know you're a paid shill, just like Jordan. Who knows... maybe he genuinely likes these instruments. But since he's been shilling for everybody and their grandma, and now pimps toy pianos, it's impossible to tell. I think at the very least, he should state outright if he's being paid by these companies.

02-Jul-14 07:26 PM

loneraver    Said...

Is there a timeline of everything he's endorsed? If not, it's about time someone gets on it.

03-Jul-14 01:23 AM

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