NI Komplete Bundles Discounted

Native Instruments launches KOMPLETE FRENZY Sales Special   04-Jul-14

NI Komplete Bundles Discounted

Native Instruments has launched KOMPLETE FRENZY – a time-limited sales special, offering customers considerable savings on the production bundles KOMPLETE 9 and KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE during the course of two months. Featuring 33 KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects, customers purchasing KOMPLETE 9 will save $100 / 100 € on the standard price – down to $399 / 399 € from $499 / 499 €. The flagship KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE bundle includes 65 Instruments and Effects and will be available for $699 / 699 € instead of $999 / 999 € – a saving of $300 / 300 €. Here's what NI has to say about it...

KOMPLETE 9 is the latest edition of Native Instruments' world-class production and performance suite, including all essential KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects such as MASSIVE, KONTAKT 5, and GUITAR RIG 5 PRO. Plus standout additions like the MONARK monosynth and the enormous sound of THE GIANT piano.

Revered for the magnitude of its quality and variety, KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE contains a stunning 65 products and over 370 GB of sound – the entire range of KOMPLETE Instruments and Effects (at the time of release) on an external hard drive. In addition to products included in KOMPLETE 9, it also contains ACTION STRINGS, ABBEY ROAD VINTAGE DRUMMER, DAMAGE, REVERB CLASSICS and many more.

Pricing and Availability:
The KOMPLETE FRENZY sales special will run until midnight (CET) on August 31, 2014.

Until August 31, 2014, KOMPLETE 9 will be available for $399 / €399/ ¥ 45800 / £339 / while KOMPLETE 9 ULTIMATE will be priced at $699 / €699 / ¥ 79800 / £579.

The KOMPLETE FRENZY sales special is valid at participating retailers and via the NI Online Shop while stocks last.

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Incomplete    Said...

That's it - next time Komplete comes out, I'm waiting a year to get it at a discount. Same for sample libraries.

There's no point in buying these products new any more - these 1-year-later discounts make a mockery of those who buy for the full price upon release.

These companies need to find a better model than selling everything at half price one year later or they'll loose customers.

04-Jul-14 09:28 AM

Champ    Said...

Why shouldn't it get cheaper after time? Your argument doesn't make sense in the real world cause what you' re doing is implying that your financial investment should never digress. Just be glad other with less money in their pockets can enjoy it now as well. And what NI like other companies is doing is nothing new they've been doing this for years so you could've know what the game is like. For what its worth to mention for me Komplete is really the ultimate bundle on the market. :)

06-Jul-14 07:47 AM

Tinley    Said...

You can't think about these libraries as being the tools of your trade in the same way as you can a hardware instrument. They are published in pretty much the same way as books. With books, you have something called "remaindered stock" A remainder is a book that is sold in bulk by a publisher once its sales have slowed down. Who needs Komplete anyway?!?!? GET OFF the relentless upgrade ladder and make music with what you have got ;/)

11-Jul-14 05:16 AM

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