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MARK FIVE: 25 features the best of the MARK FIVE in a compact size   07-Oct-14

Mesa Boogie has introduced the MARK FIVE: 25 amplifier. A spokesperson told us, "The MARK FIVE: 25, like the MARK FIVE it is born from, is really a collection of iconic amplifiers. There are far too many circuits and sounds to think of it as merely an amp... it's a living history of MESA/Boogie!"

Here's what Mesa Boogie has to say about it in their own words...

In this latest 25 watt incarnation, the sounds and attributes that make MARK Series amps so popular on stage and in the studio are not only shrunk to their smallest possible physical size, but are also further refined and improved. The gorgeous sparkling Cleans and soaring high gain Lead sounds have made the jump successfully across output tube platforms and a new and exciting timbre of the MARK Series voice is created here in the MARK FIVE: 25™'s EL84 Duet. Brighter, tighter, more shredding in the top end, a bit more forgiving in feel and exceedingly more clip-able, the FIVE: 25 is right on time. Whether introducing the MARK heritage to a new generation of low wattage devotees, or fulfilling the ultra-portable Tone Dreams of steadfast MARK Series fans, the MARK FIVE: 25 has got what it takes to inspire and fuel your passion in the most manageable package ever.

The quick specs of the Mark V 25 are 2 channels, 6 modes - 3 per channel via 6 12AX7 preamp tubes, a 5 band Graphic EQ, 3 spring tube reverb and Multi-Watt Power selectability PER Channel, between 25 watts Class A/B Dyna-Watt and 10 watts Class A/B Triode... And the CabClone direct XLR and headphone outputs with Open and Closed back cabinet voicings.

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