Review: Rotosound Fuzz Reissue

Classic tones from yesteryear   03-Dec-14

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Back in the day the Rotosound Fuzz was THE pedal to have, being only made as a limited prototype run, only the most connected guitarists got hold of them. Most notably Jimmy Page used one to great effect with Led Zeppelin.

Inside there's really not much to see, a small circuit, with modern components enhancing the original Germanium Diodes used in the original, battery only power - the circuit draws so little current, a single PP3 will last for weeks, but by the same token makes it hard to power from a pedalboard PSU.

Three knobs - Fuzz, Volume and Treble.

Thats yer lot, but boy does it sound good. Really, when combined with a quality guitar - in our review Murph uses the Les Paul Custom , into the Fuzz, into the Vox Bruno. It just sounds great.

The Treble control actually does more, at anti clockwise positions it's more of a bass boost, whereas fully clockwise will slice through plate steel. Somewhere just past 12 Oclock we found was a sweet spot.

It's impractical - it's not going to fit on your pedal board so well, it only takes batteries, but it sounds great and it's a sound that many guitarists have craved ever since it was first released.

We've seen it in the UK for £229-249, so it's not cheap either. Plus we don't know how limited this re-issue is, but it's THAT sound.

Rotosound Fuzz RFB1

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Brock    Said...

Hi Nick, This video is showing as private when I try to play it.

Thought you would like to know? :)

Love the show and site!

03-Dec-14 07:41 AM

Ted    Said...

This sounds spectacular and authentically vintage, especially with that Vox and Les Paul. It's got that traditional cooked, zappy fuzz tone without too much distortion. Notes decay in that pleasing lo-fi crackle. It's voiced very differently than your average Fuzz Face or Muff.

Fuzz circuits are extremely simple and cheap to build, and there are clones out there, so in this case it might be for collectors.... but it DOES have an essentially perfect sound and nice huge vintage housing. Very tempted.

03-Dec-14 08:44 AM

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