Boss Teases Us

YouTube video shows new mystery pedal to be announced next week   09-Apr-15

All that Boss is saying is "New sounds, new era, new inspiration - April 15."

All will no doubt be revealed in our coverage of next week's Musikmesse from Frankfurt, but what do you think it might be?

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Garak    Said...

One of those buttons looked like it said White, as in noise, which would correspond to the first few seconds of audio. Some kind of synth modelling?

09-Apr-15 11:38 AM

Ellroy    Said...

It might also say "write" as in save a new patch.

09-Apr-15 12:40 PM

quadrod    Said...

combo of flaming lips and pink floyd, the flaming floyd

09-Apr-15 08:16 PM

TeddyMoney    Said...

Given the "New sounds, new era, new inspiration" tagline and the "SYNTH/FX" button, I think it's a safe bet that it's more than just the next "ME".

I think it's going to be a POG/HOG-type of pedal; a polyphonic guitar synth type of effect where you don't need the special pick-up.

I'm a bit excited.

11-Apr-15 03:15 PM

Pat    Said...

That might be a blurred USB trident. Sounds like pitch tracking perhaps.

11-Apr-15 11:05 PM

Jim    Said...

Modelled analog guitar synth using Roland's ACB technology from the AIRA range? It's blue like a GR300 ...

12-Apr-15 05:48 PM

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