MESSE 2015: BOSS SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer Demo

A polyphonic guitar synth which takes a jack input   15-Apr-15

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Well this is something of a moment - BOSS have developed a polyphonic guitar synthesizer which you can plug any guitar into with a jack input.

We went to visit the BOSS booth at MusikMESSE 2015 to hear it in action, and Alex Hutchings was the man who gave us the run through.

The top panel of the synth features three assignable footswitch controls, as well as four multi-function knobs which can, among other things, be used to control the three oscilators on the digital synth.

There is also an expression input, so you can filter sweep with an expression pedal.

The pedal should be available around July, and the rumoured price is to be around £500.

Filmed by Nick Batt
Written and presented by Richard Beech.

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TG    Said...

Looks exciting, but what happens when you play a chord ? is it only the synth thats "polyphonic" or will it track multiple notes?

15-Apr-15 12:46 PM

Tobi    Said...

Choose "Midi Guitar" from Jam Origin and couple it with any softsynth of your choice.

(just mentioned as an alternative)

15-Apr-15 01:16 PM

TeddyBadlands    Said...

Richard, ask the dude "can you play chords?". I don't think he played one the entire time; just single notes.

A £499 90s synth lead machine?

No sale.

15-Apr-15 01:24 PM

Rowley Bawls    Said...

Programming looks a nightmare with multimpages. The sounds do not impress and the price at £499 shown on websites is at least twice what I would pay for a guitar effect. Thats £50 more than the aira synth.Sorry but call it as i see it.

15-Apr-15 01:50 PM

grantham    Said...


I have $699 and own a guitar and really need to produce cheesy 80s keytar synth sounds

'Sir, we have just the thing'

15-Apr-15 02:13 PM

satan's claws    Said...

will it send guitar note data from the midi out

15-Apr-15 03:16 PM

Jim    Said...

CV/gate out would have been nice and technically feasible I would have thought given there must be pitch detection going on not just signal processing (or it couldn't do the arpeggios) and consistent with what Roland are up to with the new analog and digital AIRA gear.

Yup the polyphony question is critical, I didn't see him play a chord either. I'm suspecting it ain't, it's only got 3 oscillators - guitars have six strings last time I checked - unless it's three oscillators per voice and there are six voices

Fingers crossed, I'm certainly curious

15-Apr-15 03:49 PM

gluppo    Said...

would have excepted it if they modeled as close as possible the the roland gr300 digitally. that means it would have had to sound a hell of a lot fatter.. even if it is indeed only mono they could have done that in real analogue! it MUST do chords otherwise its no big achievement as they claim! ????

15-Apr-15 05:08 PM

Shane B.    Said...

Listen for chords around 4:39. The camera is on the unit and expression pedal at the time.

16-Apr-15 10:12 AM

Gwugluud    Said...

Looks interesting. That is the ugliest, most utterly style-free guitar I've ever seen...And I'm old enough to remember the 70s...

23-Apr-15 04:52 AM

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