Jim Dunlop Cry Baby Mini Review

It's TINY!   04-Jun-15

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Well this has to be the cutest effects pedal of all time - it's almost worth buying just for purpose of pretending that it's a full size Cry Baby and pretending that you're a giant.

The main difference, other than the size, is that the Cry Baby Mini features three separate settings.

As well as the classic Cry Baby setting, there's a toggle switch that allows you to flick to a mid-range focused setting, and a low-end focused setting (with a narrower frequency range than the other two settings).

Sadly the toggle switch is located within the actual guts of the pedal, which means you need to unscrew four screws and remove the back plate in order to access it - this only takes around 3 minutes, but that would feel like eternity if you were doing it in the middle of a gig.

In terms of the smaller size, when you're wearing shoes with a sturdy sole, you really can't tell the difference between the feel of a Cry Baby Mini and a standard Cry Baby.

Plus, it has the advantage of being a lot lighter, and taking up a lot less space on your board... AND it only costs $99. Not bad!

Hear it for yourself in the video above.

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GTRman    Said...

First it's was mini keys now it's mini foot pedals. Is everybody shrinking?

05-Jun-15 06:49 AM

RP    Said...

Awesome idea. For years you either had to give up too much real estate on your average pedal board or had the way off to the side and this very much solves that. Might explain the sudden proliferation of full sized crybabys for sale on craigslist.

05-Jun-15 07:38 AM

eluviatheband.com    Said...

Rich! Don't bite the lip! Let it go man! It'll hold back your wah soul.

05-Jun-15 09:10 AM

Montychristo86    Said...

I have tried a cry baby mini out in person, but I could not control it like a full size cry baby. If you just step on it, I don't find a problem with mini pedals, but if you have to move it IMO you need your full foot's real estate to control it.

30-Jul-15 12:32 PM

Happy    Said...

I could watch Scdnhiler's List and still be happy after reading this.

06-Jan-16 06:16 PM

Irais    Said...

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12-Jan-16 04:05 PM

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