Battle of The Verbs - Big Sky, Polara and Splash MK3

We compare all three   28-Sep-15

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To accompany our review of the Crazy Tube Circuits Splash MK3 reverb pedal, while we had them all, we thought it would make sense to compare and contrast these three pedals. Especially as they all have a particular penchant for the ambient side of the tracks.

Obviously the original is the Strymon Big Sky -  truly a monster, programmable studio modulation reverb that has many a wanna be Cocteau Twin popping on the headphones. Big Sky is the most expensive, but also the most flexible and programmable,  if you want to get deep into your verb.

Digitech Polara - in our review we were impressed by its ability to create a warm ambient texture at a fraction of the cost of the Big Sky - though without the finesse. The Lexicon algorithms are also stereo, and has a tails setting to let you end the reverb tail when bypassing.

Crazy Cicruits Splash MK3 - check our review, but the combination of analog and digital gives this pedal plenty of tonal clout too. it possible to use the pedal in dry mode as a drive. Although mono only will disappoint the studio users, it has a certain something.

Richard Beech got lost in space.



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Mark    Said...

great to see a polara in there, it is one of the best sounding digital reverb pedals ive had the chance to play, glad i got one. very impressed with its tone and texture, very organic for a digital pedal and capable of weird and wonderfull sound. all in all great pedal at a great price

28-Sep-15 08:42 AM

Grantham    Said...

I've owned many reverbs, and many amps with reverb built in. It is fair to say the Big Sky is ridiculously expensive, but if your budget can swing it it is like nothing else on the market. It is capable of so many things from adding subtle spacious tones to crazy results. Its 'Cloud' and 'Bloom' presets are beyond stunning.

Having said that, it can often be like comparing a Renault to a Ferrari, if all you need is to commute in the city the latter is not worth the extra money.

28-Sep-15 03:09 PM

Charlo    Said...

To be fair, I think running the Big Sky in mono just because that's all the Splash has is akin to when boxers say they would beat MMA fighters then insists that no kicking, holding, grappling, wresting etc is involved. Not really apples to apples given the modulation capabilities of the BigSky when routed in stereo.

I think you'd be better trying to get a Big Sky second hand (they rarely go on sale), for $100+ dollars more than the street price of the Splash you get soooo much more. Actually since I started using effects with preset capabilities the conventional ones seem so limiting to me. When working on tracks in production you have to remember to dial everything to specific settings to continue on with working on a track and live...well unless you have a roadie or only use one general type of sound it's pretty logistically a mess to try and recreate the tone you want between songs

30-Sep-15 12:11 PM

Ludvig    Said...

What about BOSS RV-6?

05-Oct-15 03:57 PM

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