NAMM 2016: Roadie Tuner from Band Industries

Automatic tuning and so much more   22-Jan-16

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Ok so the world is full of mini tuners, automatic tuners, pedal tuners, clip on tuners, etc, etc, so on and so forth, however, this is actually quite clever. It's a Bluetooth tuner which connects to your smart phone and can allow any conceivable tuning arrangement, you simply place the Roadie on your machine heads, plug your guitar into the supplied adapter and play each string at a time. The Roadie then tunes each string to within 2 cents of the note and you're done. Automatic tuning aside this device will also build a harmonic profile of your new strings and reference them each time you tune using the Roadie. It's then able to tell you if your string quality is so impaired that they need to be replaced.

Roadie Tuner retails for $99 and is available direct or via retailers across the US.

Rob H

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Lando    Said...

Cleverest product of the Namm thing so far for me right here. Fricken genius I tell you.

22-Jan-16 01:36 PM

TINLEY    Said...

I have Tronical on one of my guitars and it works well but I can't move it to another guitar unlike this the con of this system however is that Tronical can do 6 strings at once and is very very fast - I am not convinced I need a robot to do it for me! Seems like a lot of faff when I could just look at the tuner and turn the machine head

24-Jan-16 07:19 AM

Grantham    Said...

I think this thing looks awesome, just bought it based on the video and waiting for delivery. Surprised I have never heard of it before as it looks to have been out a year or so.

I can actually tune by ear pretty quickly but what I find frustrating is switching into most anything other than a conventional tuning and maybe something like a simple dropped D. And then trying to quickly switch back. I also find that even though I can 'relative' tune well by ear I can easily be a semitone off in either direction, then anything I record is out of key with my DAW or collaborators.

Nope, for $99 I think (and proof of the pudding will arrive in a week) this is a worth a shot.

24-Jan-16 05:00 PM

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