NAMM 2016: Fender Edge Signature Guitar

U2's The Edge gets a signature Strat   23-Jan-16

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The latest in the list of guitarists to get the signature treatment from Fender is U2's The Edge. Steve from Fender took us through the specs.

More info on the Fender website

Rob H

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Charlo    Said...

I really like the notion of custom shop replicas of iconic guitars. The SRV, Rory Gallagher etc guitar that most of us will never be in the same rom with let alone ever get close enough to play. And even though owning a replica of their axe does in no way suggest you will play or have tone like the masters, for some of us it serves a need based on all the hours watching those instruments in action.

When I see a new model, that's just designed in conjunction with an artist, I'm not sure what the main attraction is. You most certainly won't play or sound like Edge with this guitar, and it doesn't look exactly like the iconic one of a few decades ago.

To each their own I guess

24-Jan-16 05:13 PM


The Dull Edge

29-Jan-16 01:57 AM

Betty_Ford    Said...

This is a bit silly considering Edge isn't really identified with the Strat in general and that this one doesn't resemble the one he did used to play. He uses different types and brands of guitars for every song, sometimes more than one in the same song and that's just live. I'm not sure who would ever bother buying this?

02-Apr-16 02:42 PM

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