TC Electronic WireTap Riff Recorder

Never lose a new musical idea with this recording stompbox and accompanying app   31-May-16

TC Electronic has announced the WireTap Riff Recorder, which they describe as the new must-have songwriting tool. A recording device in a stompbox for capturing musical ideas.

A spokesperson told us, "Housing a mind-blowing 8 hours of recording time, all stored in glorious 24-bit, you're now never more than a single stomp away from capturing your ideas as they appear, making sure you'll never forget that million-dollar-riff again. And with the free accompanying app you can transfer, trim, name and group your riffs, or easily share them with your bandmates for a fast, fun and revolutionary way of writing songs."

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Grantham    Said...

Been looking for something like this for a very long time, great idea, and at $99 a no brainer for anyone looking to capture and easily transport those ever so transient creative moments in a session.

Now for my gripe, because there has to be one, not crazy about the aesthetics. Maybe time for a spray can to come out.

31-May-16 08:02 AM

jukka    Said...

What i would love and it doesn't seem this has is the ability to snapshot record the previous minute (or some amount of time) so when that interesting thing happens by accident you can squirrel it away rather than let it escape forever off into the ether.

Should be fairly easy for TC Electronics to add this kind of feature.

31-May-16 03:36 PM

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