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NAMM 2015: Spectrasonics Releases Omnisphere 2

Update adds new synthesis and creative capabilities for sound design


NAMM 2015: Updates For HALion And Groove Agent

Steinberg gives VST instruments many enhancements and new features

VST Synth For Windows

xoxos releases Float


Get The Sound Of 80s Voice Synthesis Chips

Plogue releases chipspeech vintage-styled speech synthesizer for Mac and Windows

Ableton And Max For Live Instruments Evolve

Sonic Faction releases Archetype Ableton Bundle with 8 custom-designed instruments


Synth For Mac And Windows

Guda Audio releases EuterpeXL


New Version Of VST Synth For Windows

TubeOhm releases Super-Bruno-III

Free Hybrid Wavetable Synth

VST Zone releases Eclipsis VSTi for Windows

NAMM 2015: Crazy Tube Circuits - We Just Fell In Love With A Pedal

Hear three new pedals from the Greek pedal company

NAMM 2015: Catalinbread Talisman Plate Reverb Pedal Gives EMT 140 Sounds

Make shimmering clean verbs or bulk up your gain tones

NAMM 2015: Digitech Trio in Action - It's a Band in a Pedal

It's like having a bass player and a drummer - only with more intelligence

Best Effects Pedals 2014: SonicState Gear Of The Year Awards

See which pedals our panel chose as the top pedals this year

8-Bit/Chiptune Synthesizer

AudioThing announces miniBit for Mac and Windows

Rob Papen RAW Now Available

Mac and Windows synth specialises in distorted sound for EDM production

The Ultimate Sample Synth?

Sample Logic releases CYCLONE RETWISTED

Get That Donk Sound

Hinton and Fairchild release Donk Machine 2 VST for Windows

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MOST READ - this week

1 NAMM 2015: Kemper Profiling Amp With 3.0 Firmware

Cristoph Kemper talks us through the new updates

2 NAMM 2015: Live Blog Day 1 - Guitars

First day of the show, standby - incoming

3 NAMM 2015: Live Blog - Guitars Day2

Photos, video and comment live from the show

5 NAMM 2015: Crazy Tube Circuits - We Just Fell In Love With A Pedal

Hear three new pedals from the Greek pedal company

6 NAMM 2015: Electro Harmonix Good Vibes Demo

Vibrato and chorus pedal from EHX with that old uni vibe... if you know what we mean


NAMM 2015: Live Blog- Guitars Press Preview Day

Live updates, photos and videos on the latest guitar product news from NAMM Day

NAMM 2015: GTC Revpad Guitar Effect Needs To Be Seen To Be Understood

A pad surface which allows you to control EIGHT effects with one finger

NAMM 2015: Interesting New Roland Bluescube Update

You could soon get your favourite guitarist's amp sound

Martin Guitars For 2015

New models to be showcased at NAMM next week

See Inside A Tube Factory

Electro-Harmonix posts a video of their facility in Saratov, Russia

12-String Effect Pedal Now Available

DigiTech Mosaic make a 6-string sound like a 12-string

NAMM 2015: Rock and Roll High - a Must-Watch For Parents With Budding Rockstar Kids

A new way of learning guitar for the rockstars of tomorrow

Epiphone Announces January 2015 Giveaway

Win a new Epiphone PRO-1 Ultra Acoustic with carrying case and accessory kit

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BOSS BD-2w Waza Craft Review: Beano In A Box Gets Amped Up 

Bigger, meaner and heavier than its older brother - the BD-2

NAMM 2015: TC Electronic Viscous Vibe and Helix Phaser Demo 

Hear the two new pedals from TC Electronic in action

NAMM 2015: Interesting New Roland Bluescube Update 

You could soon get your favourite guitarist's amp sound

NAMM 2015: 65Amps Lil' Whiskey and New Fuzz Pedals In Action 

We get to hear the Colour Face and the Colour Bender