Amped Guitar News

NAMM 2015: Peavey Releases 50th Anniversary Commemorative Amplifiers

6505 Plus head, and the Classic 30 112 combo introduced

NAMM 2015: Fender Signature Basses

New artist models for Steve Harris and Geddy Lee

NAMM 2015: Iron Maiden Signature Guitar

Fender releases the Dave Murray Strat

NAMM 2015: Tube Amp In A Cage

Bugera debuts the T50 INFINIUM


NAMM 2015: Line 6 Firehawk FX Pedal Demo

Over 200 amplifier and effects models in one unit

NAMM 2015: New Line 6 Variax Standard In Action

The first collaboration between Line 6 and Yamaha

NAMM 2015: Periphery Signature Guitars

Jackson releases Misha Mansoor Juggernaut HT6 and HT7 guitars

NAMM 2015: Gretsch 2015 Models

New versions of classic designs as well as brand new creations

NAMM 2015: New Charvels

San Dimas, So-Cal and Warren DeMartini guitars announced

NAMM 2015: Much More Than A Bass Amp

Ashdown announces desktop B-Social bass amplification and entertainment system

NAMM 2015: Another Red VOX

VOX releases Limited Edition red model of the Pathfinder Mini combo amp

NAMM 2015: Taylor Travel Guitars Get New Pickup

The Expression System Baby pickup with onboard tuner joins the Baby Taylor Series

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MOST READ - this week

1 NAMM 2015: Korg NuVibe and SDD-3000 Delay Demos

Legendary effects in a stompbox format

2 Eastwood Revives The Surfcaster

Custom Shop guitar will be released in late spring

3 Keeley Introduces Reverb Pedal

Aurora offers Hall, Plate and Room sounds

4 TC Flashback Triple Delay In Action

Three delays at once put to good use in three new TC Electronic videos

5 From E to D In Red

EVH D-Tuna releases a Limited Edition red D-Tuna

6 New EHX Vibe Pedal

Good Vibes pedal shows off its Uni-Vibe sounds in a new video


Here's Why John Mayer Doesn't Care What You Think About His Pink Guitar

Mayer's pink Jackson Soloist made people aaaangry

NAMM 2015: Line 6 Updates The Relay Wireless System With The G70

No more antennas in the new robust Wireless Relay from Line 6

New Acoustic-Electric Flamenco Guitars

Manuel Rodríguez Guitars introduces Flamenco Moderna Series

Play MIDI Guitar Without A Hex Pickup

Secret Base Design releases MIDImorphosis pitch-to-MIDI app for the Mac

Guitars In Historic Mopar Colors

G&L introduces the Detroit Muscle Series: R/T Collection

Epiphone Announces February 2015 Giveaway

Win a new Epiphone Ltd. Ed. Lee Malia Les Paul Artisan signed by Lee Malia

Synthy Stompbox

Dwarfcraft Gears is an overdrive, sub octave generator and resonant filter

More Videos

NAMM 2015: Interesting New Roland Bluescube Update 

You could soon get your favourite guitarist's amp sound

NAMM 2015: Vo 96 Guitar Synthesizer and Vo Wand In Action 

We caught up with Paul Vo who showed off the Vo 96 and new Vo Wand

NAMM 2015: Hear The Electro Harmonix C9 Organ Machine In Action 

Felipe gives us a rundown of the new C9 organ pedal

NAMM 2015: Hear The New Bass Distortion Pedal From MXR 

Distortion designed with bassists in mind