Amped Guitar News

Education On Modulation Part 3

Electro-Harmonix posts a video on phase shifting

Positive Grid Announces BIAS Desktop

Amp designer and modeler plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows

Limited Release Keeley Fuzz

Black Glass British Fuzz, limited to 150 units, features rare OC81D transistor circuit

Two New Flying Vs

Gibson USA introduces the Flying V History and the Flying V 120

Scorned Wife Puts Ex-Husband's Ibanez On eBay In Hilarious Listing

Let's all heed the lessons of this genius eBay post


Gibson Blends Two Classic Models

New 2014 version of the small-bodied ES-390 echoes the ES-330 and ES-335

Rolling Stones Gear: WIN a Copy of The New Book

We're giving away three copies because we're nice like that


Gibson Announces Anniversary SG Model

SG Standard 120 to be produced in a limited run

Turn Your Guitar Into An Organ

EHX introduces the the B9 Organ Machine - check out the video  [9]

Complete Guide To Bass Guitar

Backbeat Books publishes updated version of The Bass Handbook

Polyphonic Detune Pedal

DigiTech say that their new Luxe is an anti-chorus

Ryan Adams Talks Fender

Watch the video and find out why the Princeton is his preferred recording amp

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MOST READ - this week


The BOSS DM-2 Returns

DM-2W Delay Waza Craft Special Edition introduced

Brazilian Street Guitarist Sounds EXACTLY Like Mark Knopfler

He's quite honestly better at being Mark Knopfler than Mark Knopfler is

New BOSS Pedal Technology

Waza is rolled out in new versions of the Super Overdrive and Blues Driver

Roland Reinvents Blues Cube Series

Two new portable 1x12 combos aim to deliver tweed amp sound

Limited Edition Looper

TC Electronic announces Ditto Looper Gold

Mobile App Helps You Learn To Play

SuperMegaUltraGroovy releases their Capo software for iOS

Summer NAMM 2014: Pigtronix Rototron Ships

Analog rotary speaker effect stomp box is now available

Give Your Tube Amp A Vintage Tone

Yellow Jackets release NOS Tube Converter

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