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Give Your Tube Amp A Vintage Tone

Yellow Jackets release NOS Tube Converter

Epiphone Introduces High Output Modern Pickups

Ceramic Plus Humbuckers Launched

High Quality 13-Pin Cable

Gittler Instruments introduces the D13

Mesa Boogie Introduces A Cabinet Simulator

The CABCLONE features a built-in amp load and headphone output


Rolling Stones Gear: WIN a Copy of The New Book

We're giving away three copies because we're nice like that


Complete Guide To Bass Guitar

Backbeat Books publishes updated version of The Bass Handbook

Brad Paisley Uses A Fan's GoPro Camera To Play A Slide Guitar Solo

Incredible video shows Paisley doing a slide solo with a camera

Dual Effect Racks For Your iPad releases StompBox Band

Review: Fender Vaporizer Amplifier - Pawn Shop Special

The essence of the 50s garage rock era in a beautiful little combo package

REVIEW: Korg Pandora Stomp Pedal

So what REALLY happens when you open Pandora's box?

Review: Line 6 AMPLIFi 150

Stereo and guitar lifestyle amp

REVIEW: Blackstar Core ID 20 Amp

Programmable amp with ISF and USB audio

Seymour Duncan Metal Pickups

Nazg├╗l, Sentient and Pegasus now available for 6-string guitars

100 Guitarists To Perform Rhys Chatham's 'A Secret Rose'

All strings and plectrums have been provided by Rotosound

Ernie Ball Introduces Aluminum Bronze Strings

Crisper highs, stronger low end and improved corrosion resistance

New Acoustic Guitar Contact Mic

Schertler adds DYN-AG6 transducer to Magnetico pickup series

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MOST READ - this week

1 New Stompbox Emulates Tape Echo Sounds

Keeley releases Magnetic Echo

2 Redesigned Ampeg Bass Combos Available

BA-112 and BA-115, now shipping worlwide, feature new Bass Scrambler Overdrive

3 Stratocaster Goes On A Bus

London Routemaster double-decker celebrates 60th anniversary

4 PRS Expands Archon Amp Range

Archon 50 offers 50 or 25 watts

5 Fender Limited & Special Edition Guitars

New Strats and Jazzmaster announced

6 Get Robben Ford Reverb Sounds

TC Electronic announces 3 reverb TonePrints


AmpliTube Custom Shop Expands

Now offers over 280 virtual guitar and bass gear models for 17 official brands

Loop Corner: Chic 'Le Freak' With a TC Electronic Flashback and a Yamaha THR

Amped Editor Richard Beech is in de-Nile about his disco abilities

New Version Of The RD Artist

Gibson revives one of its 1970's oddballs

A Les Paul That's Kind To Your Back

Gibson introduces the Les Paul Custom Classic Light

PRS Guitars Announces New Small Batch Run

The Brushstroke 24 is based on Paul's own guitar - less than 200 will be made

New Gretsch Guitars

Four new models for the Summer including two resonators

Boost/EQ Stompbox With A Twist

DOD reissues Bifet Boost 410 with selectable buffer on/off operation

Eddie's Unchained Guitar Recreated

EVH Stripe Series Circles guitar is now available

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Review: Fender Vaporizer Amplifier - Pawn Shop Special 

The essence of the 50s garage rock era in a beautiful little combo package