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American Clean And British Crunch In One Amp
3RD POWER introduces Dream Weaver

30-May-13    full story...

SNAMM11: Overdriven Tubes At Lower Volumes
3RD POWER announces HybridMASTER tube amplifier volume management circuitry

22-Jul-11    full story...

1x12 Cab With A Difference
3RD POWER introduces Switchback 112 cabinet

11-Jul-11    full story...

Channel Selector Footswitch
3RD POWER announce their AB Channel Selector

08-Jul-11    full story...

WNAMM10: Rectangular Cab, Triangular Speaker Chambers
3RD Power reveals innovative Switchback 212 guitar cabinet with removable vent lids for choice of open- or closed-back operation

20-Jan-10    full story...

WNAMM10: Tube Tone For the Rack
3RD Power unleashes SV3015 rack-mount tube amp

16-Jan-10    full story...

Unique Amp With A Triangular Speaker Cab
3RD Power all-tube HLH100 design features patent-applied for amplifier and speaker technologies

14-Oct-09    full story...