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MIDI Controller For Roland's Boutique TR-08

Momo releases TR-08 Midi Editor for the Rhythm Composer

Tracktion Unveils Waveform 9

9th generation of the music production software gets a range of new features

Cakewalk Lives - Gibson Sell To Bandlab

Something good may come of this

Ableton Live 10 Released Today

Beta over, full release

NAMM 2018: ProTools Updates

New nomenclature, new workflow features

Now Even Your Grandpa Can Make Hip Hop

Realitone says Hip Hop Creator is the most comprehensive hip hop instrument ever created

Loudness, Dynamics And Codec Toolset Update

Version 1.5 of Nugen's MasterCheck Pro adds support for the Apple AAC and more

NAMM 2018: Antares Introduces Auto-Tune Pro

New pitch-correction software offers revamped interface and ARA support

10 Things You Didn't Know About Dialtone Pickups

We caught up with the guys behind the innovative pickup company  [2]

Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini Review

Does the Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face match up to Jimi's Woodstock tone  [1]

NAMM 2018: Instant Access To Melodyne In Logic

ARA 2 interface extension will offer a considerably faster Melodyne workflow

NAMM 2018: Logic Pro X Updated

Smart Tempo advanced tempo detection technology and new effect plug-ins added

NAMM 2018: Celemony Announces ARA 2

New version of interface extension will allow plug-ins and DAWs to mesh even better

Speed And Pitch Shifting For Mac And Windows

QuikQuak's Copula stand-alone software separates time from pitch in audio samples

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