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Immersive 3D Audio Software Tool

Flux:: releases SPAT Revolution

Presentation: Tim Exile and SLOO

Shed Loads Of Oscillators

IK Multimedia Announces T-RackS 5

A new version of the mixing and mastering modular system for Mac/PC

MOTU Updates Digital Performer

DP 9.5 introduces ZTX PRO audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting DSP

Series: Live With LIVE - On Stage Monitoring

Make sure you are prepared for any options

First AI Composed + Produced Album To Be Released

The rise of the robots - run for it!

10 Things You Didn't Know About Dialtone Pickups

We caught up with the guys behind the innovative pickup company  [2]

Jim Dunlop Jimi Hendrix Fuzz Face Mini Review

Does the Band of Gypsys Fuzz Face match up to Jimi's Woodstock tone  [1]

Sonic Lab: UAD 9.2 With Antares Autotune Real-time

Impressive realtime processing on live inputs

Series: Live with LIVE - Part 4 -Dummy Clips

Automate and setup as you go

Series: Live with LIVE - Part 3 -Preparing For Disaster

What happens when it all goes wrong?

Series: Live With LIVE - Part 2 - The Power Of Instrument Racks

Using Chains and automation to switch keyboard setups

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