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KARMA Motif Software v3.2 Released

Support added for Yamaha S70/S90 XS

Behringer Synth A Reality - Uli Says So

Analog and poly, more than one?


Finding The Perfect Korg Keyboard

New Keyboard Finder website offers help

16-step Eurorack Sequencer Module

Transistor Sound Labs releases Stepper Acid

Exclusive: iZotope IRIS 2 First Look

Massive modulation expansion


Waldorf Streichfett String Machine Review

Sounds of an era of bygone technology


Win An Analog Four

Just follow Elektron's Instagram account and crack the riddles

New Korg Kronos

More piano, OS updates and redesigned case


The History of the Fender Stratocaster In Classic Adverts

Take a look at how one of the world's most iconic designs was marketed through time  [3]

Review: Fender Vaporizer Amplifier - Pawn Shop Special

The essence of the 50s garage rock era in a beautiful little combo package

Poll: Who Is The Greatest Fender Stratocaster Guitarist Of All Time?

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Strat - we look at the legends who helped make it famous  [15]

REVIEW: Blackstar Core ID 20 Amp

Programmable amp with ISF and USB audio

Affordable Digital Piano

Williams announces 88-key Legato digital piano

GForce Oddity 2 Announced - Chance To Win Arp AXXE

Authentic Odyssey emulation packed with new features  [2]

Sonic LAB Review: Boomstars Baby!

Multi-flavour desktop analog mono  [11]

Limited Edition Hand-Held Synth And Sequencer

Dirty Electronics Mute Synth II is available for pre-order  [4]

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MOST READ - this week

1 Would You Like That Les Paul In Turquoise, Sir?

Gibson introduces the Les Paul Classic 'Rock'

2 The Utimate Eventide Stompbox

H9 MAX is pre-loaded with everything from all four Eventide stompboxes plus H9 exclusive algorithms in perpetuity

3 Gibson Offers New Version Of Firebird 7

Reverse body with three humbuckers

4 Two New Amps For Acoustic Instruments And Vocals

Acoustic introduces the A40 and A1000 Amps

5 The Ultimate Celebration Of Les Paul Elegance?

Some may beg to differ with Gibson's description of the Les Paul Supreme Florentine

6 Visual Sound Re-invents Route 66 Pedal

V3 Series version of the American Overdrive gets all new circuitry


Limited Edition Dave Grohl Signature Guitar

New Gibson to be available in Pelham Blue Metallic and Gold Metallic finish

Hal Leonard Publishes The Fender Archives

A Scrapbook of artifacts, treasures, and inside information

Amp Sims For Android

IK Multimedia's AmpliTube and iRig HD-A now available for some Samsung Android devices

Join The Longest Guitar Lick Ever

D'Addario launches the Play Fearlessly project

Fender Guitar Starter Pack

FA-300CE Acoustic/Electric Pack includes SLIDE interface

Gibson Introduces The 1959 ES-225

A new version of the P90-equipped thinline

SG Custom Meets Black Beauty

Gibson introduces the SGS3 with 3 pickups and sideways vibrola

Two New Fender Resonators

Brown Derby and Top Hat round-necks announced

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