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In-depth Feature:  Inside Synthesis
001:Your MS-2000 is a Drum Machine
Analog drums, bass and a lead line from two sounds..
William H writes: .

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    MP4 9:43 mins
Boom Chik
Welcome to the first in our new IPTV series - "Inside Synthesis". This first episode demonstrates how to achieve multiple timbres using a dual tone synthesizer. Drums (KSH) bassline and a lead, as demonstrated on the Korg MS2000.
Its worth noting that the techniques in this tutorial are applicable to many synthesizers. For example, the DSI Evolver, Yamaha AN1x, and Korg Radias are perfect substitutes.

We hope you enjoy the first in the series, please feel free to leave your comments below at any time and we will endeavor to answer them as best we can.

    Additional Notes on the MS-2000:
  • - When creating the drum section, you may want to transpose the pitch down for the drum program. -5 to -12 semitones will make the lowest notes in the scale a suitable kick. Timbre transpose is available on page 4A in the edit menu.
  • - You can use one mod sequence track to alter the decay length on the AMP envelope, allowing for open and closed hihats.
  • - Try panning the drums to the left channel, and the bass/lead part to the right. It will provide better headroom and post production options when recording.
  • - You may get a weird transient clip on the kick drum. You can fix this by slightly raising the attack section on the AMP envelope. The snare and hihat won't be audibly affected.
    Example Files: (sysex of MS2000 setups)
  • 808_kit.syx - This is a single timbre 808 kit, with kick, snare, and hihat, and a halfway decent clap in between the snare and hihat. If you quickly take you finger off the key, you get a longer release.
  • drum_bass_lead.syx - The lowest F on the keyboard will start the beat. For F# to the highest C, you have a smooth bass on the bottom and a more aggressive hard synced lead on the top.

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