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In-depth Feature:  Inside Synthesis 002
Using LFOs to Sequence on an ESQ1
Unlock the hidden sequencing power of your synth
William H writes: .

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    MP4 7:23 mins
Digital Music
This week, William H demonstrates how the use of simple LFOs waveforms can be combined to form complex patterns. Use them to trigger arpeggiations, melodic sequences, and drum beats.

Synthesizers with digital LFOs work best, like the Ensoniq ESQ-1,Oberheim Matrix series, Alesis Andromeda, and DSI Evolver series.

Modular synthesizers (including those made 40 years ago) can duplicate the tutorial with the use of clock divided LFOs. If you're lucky enough to have the appropriate setup, the effect is truly stunning.

The ESQ-1 has an underpowered CPU driving the LFOs, which means that the timing can slow down if more than 4 notes are played. Newer synths like the Andromeda won't have this problem.

As with the first tutorial, you'll sometimes need to double route parameters to have the effect strong enough. This is particularly true of volume routing.

    Sysex Example Files:

  • Arpeggio.syx- An 8 note sequence for the Ensoniq ESQ1 only
  • Drums.syx - A kick/snare/hihat beat with the same timing as arpeggio.syx.

    Layer the two programs on the ESQ1, and they will work together.

Comments Welcome
We'd like to encourage you to comment on this series, if there's anything you'd like to see covered, we'll do our best to incorporate it into future episodes. Also, ask a question and William will reply here.

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