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In-depth Feature:  Midiman Oxygen 8
it's got a cuteness that only small things seem to have - it cries out to be tweaked.
Nick B writes: .

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I've been waiting to try a controller with my setup for some time now – I currently use an old Novation mm10-x keyboard (25 keys but no knobs) to augment the full-size keyboard I use for actually playing (not doing too much of that these days, truth be known) I tend to use the mini-keyboard sat on my desk for inputting drums or riffs and it has a nice slot in it that holds lots of pens too.

There’s a growing number of midi controllers available for some time now. This is bound to be an expanding area of manufacture, what with so many parameters accessible via MIDI and sequencers allowing you to tweak endlessly, now might be time to take the plunge if you haven’t already.

The Oxygen 8 has proved to be extremely popular since it’s release late last year. It’s compact and offers a level of control that fits nicely between a dedicated hardware controller like the Kenton Control Freak or the Phatboy and a keyboard only device. Plus it rather smartly combines the 2 octave keyboard, 8 rotary controllers, a data slider and a rather unusually a USB MIDI interface. Not only that but it’s got a cuteness that only small things seem to have – it cries out to be tweaked.

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