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In-depth Feature:  Magix Music Studio 7.0
Music Studio 7 is full-featured software, at a very attractive price.
Scott Kinnebrew writes: .

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If this is your first excursion into the MAGIX family of products, their range may surprise you. By covering both audio and video, the MAGIX focuses its aim on a complete solution for Audio, MIDI and Video, with offerings for both pro and beginner.

One of those products, and specifically the audio part of the equation, is Music Studio 7. It comes in two versions (standard and deLuxe) and offers its users the ability to compose, arrange, record, mix and master their original music creations on their PC. Broken in to two halves, Music Studio 7 is made up the Audio Studio and the Midi Studio. Each program is well worth the price paid for both, but the two programs Music Studio 7 offers have been formatted to operate as a pair. Given these two programs, and depending on which half you choose, users are given plenty of control.

MAGIX Music Studio 7 (standard):

Audio studio

  • Arranger with 64 Stereo tracks
  • Real-time effects: StereoFX, 10 band equalizer, reverb, delay, compressor
  • Non-destructive WAV and MP3 editing
  • Multi-track mixer with 2 AUX busses and a snapshot function
  • Real-time effects in the mixer: hall, dynamics and parametric 4 band EQ pro track, additional plottable FFT-Filter and stereo enhancer in the master
  • Master section for real-time effects with 6 DirectX plug-in slots, FFT filter, 4 band EQ
Midi studio
  • Sequencer with 1,000 MIDI-tracks
  • 1 new virtual instrument - professional sampler SAMP7
  • 1 new real-time effects plug-in - Pitch-shifter
  • Mixer with 1 insert in the master output
  • Music Production Set: 1,000 license-free MIDI loops and samples as well as a detailed home recording workshop
  • New and improved MAGIX web publishing area with lyrics, photos and much more
  • Huge MAGIX online archive, for free sound downloads.
  • Supports both SF2 and EXS sample formats and so much more

MAGIX music studio 7 deLuxe:

Audio studio

  • Arranger with 96 stereo tracks
  • Sound restoration in real-time: De-noiser, De-hisser
  • Mixer with automatic function: 48 effects inserts, 4 AUX channels and 4 Submix-busses
Midi studio
  • 1 additional virtual instrument - ezPIANO
  • 1 additional real-time effects plug-in - 15 band EQ
  • Mixer with 2 inserts in the master output
  • DirectXTM and VSTTM plug-in converter
  • The music production set contains 3,000 MIDI loops and samples.
  • ASIO2 drive support.

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