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In-depth Feature:  Vermona RetroVerb
It's springtime again with vintage reverb and filter sounds all in one box
Trevor Curwen writes: .

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With digital technology being capable of modelling just about any vintage effect these days you might think that old electro-mechanical devices would end up on the scrapheap. Not so, tape echos and the like are still very much in demand by those who want the warts and all authenticity of the real analogue thing. Spring reverb is one of those electro mechanical effects, creating reverb fom the vibrations of coiled springs. Invented way back by the Hammond Organ company it is an effect that has been built into many guitar amps since the early 1960's.

Now, while guitarists have long espoused the virtues of spring reverb, the stand-alone spring reverb for studio use has been a more elusive creature. While boxed or rack mounted spring-driven processors have been available at various times over the years - Peavey's Valverb and the Demeter RV-1 ....err spring to mind as some of the more recent - the genre as a whole has not been very well represented of late. Maybe it's because the distinctive spring sound is not as universally applicable as its digital cousins or maybe it's because purchasers expect more than a single effect from their boxes of tricks these days. If the latter is indeed the case then this latest contender may turn a few heads - the Retroverb from those wacky Vermona people packs a high quality Accutronics reverb tank into a box with two band EQ, VCF, VCA and envelope generator giving it the capability to produce typical vintage spring reverb effects as well as a range of other possibilities. It even has a 'Crash' function that with a push of a front panel button creates the same crashing sound that you would get by physically jolting the spring or kicking against a spring reverb equipped guitar amplifier. How cool is that?

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