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Vangelis - Profile and Video Collection
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Jayne    Said...

I bought the Friends of Mr. Cairo when I was in my mid to late teens. I was so impressed that i wrote to Polydor, and phoned Nemo Recording Studios. I was invited up to visit for the day. What a lovely person Vangelis was , polite, hospitable and kind. And all his engineers and people we met that day were fab too. It's a day I'll never forget for this little girl from south wales, and still hold the memory dear.

01-Sep-07 02:34 PM

Kim    Said...


I am so happy for you.

I too would so much love to meet this wonderful man and if the gods are watching down, they will make my dream come true.

I hope one day to have a memory like yours.

13-Jan-08 08:15 PM

Paul Wifen    Said...

Friends of Mr Cairo was recorded in Paris in my friend Francis' store Musicland. The majority of The Bounty soundtrack was recorded one an entire floor of the Hotel Pierre in New York. I was a sound designer for Vangelis off and on from 1981 to 1989

03-Dec-09 04:01 PM

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