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SONIC LAB: Arturia Analog Factory
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Good, yes. Great ?? Well, For what I paid for it (GC instant rebate I think of $70) it is worth the price. The sounds are quite good. There are some anoyances though. Working with this awesome sounding 2600 arpegio that works perfectly in a composition I am working on. There is this envelope that will not release the note after holding the key down for the arpegio to evolve with the envelope. Because of the limited editting capabilities, I can not get this situation to go away. This kills me. For now, I have pulled this patch out of my mix. Sonically it is as good as ather Arturia synths I've heard. If you need to alter the patches, don't settle for Analog factory. Buy the bigger brothers.

26-Jun-07 11:25 AM

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