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SONIC LAB: TC Electronic C300 and M350
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Liveguy    Said...

So do you think these units would be good for live work?

I guess the tap tempo would be v handy

04-Oct-06 06:34 AM

pedant    Said...

Course they will!. D'oh didnt you watch the whole thing?

He said...

04-Oct-06 05:32 PM

close    Said...

No idea what you were talking about, but a great performance indeed.

03-Nov-06 11:37 AM


Great review. Very entertaining and informative. You've convinced me. I'm geting one. It may be a form of hypnosis, but I love it. Thanks, Folk

03-Nov-08 10:05 AM

seb    Said...

whats up guys... I'm using the m350 live for vocals reverbs and delays... but its giving me a buzzing noise and some times the sound guy has to mute me when I'm not singing!!! does somebody knows how can I fix this?

20-Nov-09 11:12 PM

just me    Said...

Post fade your aux and use ground lifts,trs cables and a power conditioner.

13-Dec-09 07:23 PM

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