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Behringers USB Guitar - iAXE 393
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PeteS    Said...

Thanks for the review of the iAxe393 USB Guitar - it helped persuade me that I needed one. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get any sound out of the headphone socket on mine. The excellent Dolphin Music were very quick to ship out a replacement, but this has the same problem. I can hear the metronome and sample loops from NI, but not the guitar itself. I'm suing a Mac computer, and wondered if you had any problems like this when you did the review. Anybody else have this problem? Or better still, a solution?

01-Mar-07 07:29 AM

PeteS    Said...

Ooops, Excuse the Freudian slip - I meant USING a Mac computer ;-)

01-Mar-07 07:32 AM

Andre    Said...

yup...i did...and the answer is...plug in the headphones to you guitar ;) The computer sintetizes the sound but doens't output them...plug headphones to the guitar.

08-Jun-07 07:37 PM

JoshL    Said...

Another possibility: you may need to turn up the "input volume" in the software amps. I needed to when I used the small headphone-jack external amplifier (now included, apparently the reviewed ones didn't have this) with my black iAXE.

11-Dec-07 10:51 PM

JoshL    Said...

11-Dec-07 10:51 PM

David B    Said...

I've had this iAxe 393 guitar for only two months and it's broken! I can't help but think I should've seen this coming. I took care of it, and it breaks! The USB component of it no longer is functional, as it is not recognized by any system. This fucking sucks! I hope they corrected this bullcrap before releasing the iAxe 693 and 694!

11-Oct-08 01:42 PM

KT    Said...

If the guitar is not recognized by the system, just reinstall the drivers. You can get the latest from Behringer's website.

19-Jan-09 12:27 PM

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