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World Exclusive: Focusrite Saffire Pro i/o
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Jordaan    Said...

I just finished watching the “World Exclusive of the Focusrite Saffire Pro� which is perhaps at best a good example of a useless review. I can respect that Shorn wants to perpetuate his image as a juvenile clown, we all have aspirations in life, but in all honesty I hardly think that fits with the purpose of this site as an information resource. The only perceivable message this review offered was an unequivocally biased endorsement of Focusrite's product. Shorn stated that an interested buyer will look at the manufacture's website and visit a store to conduct their research before purchasing.. Hello in there? Is not the role of sonic state to provide product information and critical review? Or do we again leave this up to the users who post in the GAS station? Shorn's presentation lacks any useful considerations about the product in question and devalues any retaining value of this site with his frivolous antics. My beef is not with the Shorn, his interviews are quite engaging, but I feel it somewhat disheartening that this site does not care to maintain any degree of professional integrity.

09-Dec-06 07:13 PM

Nick    Said...

Ouch, well that stuck it to us didnt it?

I agree that it was a little lite on the facts, and will take the wrap for that and have discussed this with Shorn. But to insinuate that our entire professional standing is ruined by this piece is rather strong I feel.

The recommendation about checking the website, is a little misleading - what actually he was getting at (and perhaps failing for you) is that there significant technical difficulties in getting the unit working as advertised. This was dues to the grey area of FireWire firmware that neither Apple nor Focusrite would accept as their problem - although it was fixed in an Apple firmware upgrade - the facts are in the supporting article.

Yours (humbly)

10-Dec-06 02:52 PM

Jordaan    Said...

Dear Nick,

You are correct, I did not state explicitly what I was refering to, thank you for pointing out my omission. As to what I was refering to with regards to Shorn's recommendation, allow me to quote him; “none of my viewers would ever go into a shop and just buy something and they didn’t really know how it really worked, hadn’t read the small print, hadn’t gone to the manufacture’s website and hadn’t really checked out the specifications, and got the advice of a professional.� My trust is that the reviewers on are professionals, that was my point.

Moreover, Nick, please don't construe my words beyond what was actually said. My comments did not state that the site lacked integrity, but rather the integrity of this site is compromised by content like this review.

Though I can appreciate the amount of editing and time invested in creating this piece, I'm disturbed by the fact that it fails to serve any immediate purpose beyond simple entertainment. It is my hope that sonicstate will continue to deliever valueable information like the tradeshow videos, pod casts, news updates, and more tasteful reviews.

Thank you for reposting my comments and for your thoughtful response Nick.

11-Dec-06 12:32 AM

7strun    Said...

Hallo! i have 1 essiencial, crucial, main question. Where do you set the latency coz i do not see it in the driver and what is the minimum latency (in samples as 64 or in ms like 5 ms) thanx cheerio

26-May-07 11:05 AM

Bunker 8 Digital Labs    Said...

I think everyone needs to calm down a bit and just enjoy the fact that the content is being provided FOR FREE...Someone took a good deal of time to shoot and edit the video, invite some great musicians by and generally, just have fun.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, all the clowning around and being silly, why the hell not? Who needs another gearhead style review. It was entertaining and really enjoyable. I will tune in again.

For those that didn't enjoy it, I say bully to you and do it yourself.

09-Jun-07 03:09 PM

Chunkybloke    Said...

@ 7strun,

see this link: to answer your question about latency - the buffer size is set in the DAW not the control app

06-Jul-07 09:22 AM

Wade Palmer, USA    Said...

I was thoroughly entertained...

keep up the good work...

rah rah rah

29-Sep-07 08:09 PM

me    Said...

OMG!! Get him out of there!!

Guys keep the fantastic work going, you rock n roll.

Cheers from switzerland (chees is not everything & choclate is not enough!)

Peace n Love n Se?

08-Sep-08 09:59 AM

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