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SONIC LAB - A Brace of Converters
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FrappFan    Said...

Hey cool - couldnt you get some more footage of the studio in though? Especially if Alison is around

27-Feb-07 06:39 AM

SpeckO    Said...

Awesome mini roundup and should help others in their search for the ideal AD/DA. I have to say, I would've loved to see RME in there: Just for that step up from presonus and yet offering a more budget concious option compared to Lynx (also my favourite converter range) and apogee. But great video. Well made, well presented and informative. Cheers Nick, Andy and Crew and of course Goldfrapp!

20-Mar-07 12:13 AM

Nick    Said...

Thanks Speck, appreaciated - perhpas we'll get some more in to test at a later date - I've heard good things about the RME and the Metric Halo is getting some real good words - especially as a summing device

23-Mar-07 02:57 PM

aa    Said...


21-Jun-08 11:25 AM

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